2022-March Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2022-March Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary of activities, events and updates from the Centrifuge Ecosystem for March!

Spring finally arrived in the Northern hemisphere and there is a lot going on in the Centrifuge ecosystem, so we want to give you a brief monthly overview.


  • Groundbreaking new tech doesn’t fall from the sky. To develop the ecosystem further to tap into its full potential - technically, financially and legally - the right personnel is needed. Welcome Jay as the new Technical Operations Manager to Centrifuge!

Are you interested in playing a role in the future of DeFi/Centrifuge? Check out the vacancies on https://centrifuge.io/careers

  • The same goes to all the ambassadors - a vital part of the ecosystem. Let’s welcome Yaroslav - a long-lasting supporter of the community, validator and member of the Altair council!

Are you new to the ecosystem? We created a category in the forum, where everyone can introduce him/herself with the goal to get to know us better in the community. :point_down:t2:


You don’t need to submit your CV :wink: - simply write a few words about yourself (who you are? What brought you to crypto and what you like about DeFi and especially Centrifuge)

(1) Pool party with Reif - take your bathing togs and “dive” in


(2) An updated GIG Pool Executive Summary and AMA with Nick Kritikos

(3) AMA with InsurAce (a decentralized insurance protocol) hosted by Kate


(4) Centrifuge Q&A with Polkaswap and Cassidy

  • Further Kate talks about and explains K-factory: what is a self-managing organization and how does it work?

  • Token Terminal started a new series where they cover blockchains, dapps and markets. The first post covered Centrifuge!

  • TheBlock research is looking at real-world assets and gave, amongst others, an overview of the RWAmarket
  • This is big news and shows the importance of interoperability and the strength of the Polkadot ecosystem: Acala has launched an ecosystem fund to support start-ups with strong stablecoin use cases


Here are some news and updates from (and for) the community!

Covered in the last monthly summary by KryptosChain, the @PolkaTipBot in Telegram is working and accepts AIR for tips! A new use case for Altair…

  • Twitter news:

Nick Garcia on “the most misunderstood ecosystem in crypto” with a focus on the first parachains on Polkadot

Well, there is someone really excited about the TVL-growth in Tinlake and the release of the protocol roadmap??


Let’s have a closer look what happened last month in the governance-category:

Thanks to the applicants Polkadotters, GoodKarma and Yaroslav and PathRockNetwork! We are looking forward to further introductions! :point_down:t2:


  • 81.9M Total Value Locked
    • 18.5M via MakerDAO
    • 7M+ via RWA Market
  • 123M+ Total Assets Originated

Daily borrowing volume composition (per asset originator)

  • 9.9M Pool Value

Fun fact: you can see interest accrue on the RWAmarket in real time :cyclone:

Product & Engineering

  • The 23rd Centrifuge community call was held as a special edition with a feature of the NFT-studio on Altair! Product manager Solomon and our designer Araya showed a demo of the NFT-playground which will launch on Altair very soon!

The complete call and the demo can be seen here

  • Product updates:
    (1) A progress update on the legal structure for Maker vaults given by Eli
    (2) An new post from the MakerDao community which highlights the role and importance of RWAs for their protocol
    (3) A proposal by Mike from DeFi Capital markets how to set up a governance process for the RWAmarket

  • Last - definitely not least - here are some really good news many have been waiting for: The Centrifuge protocol roadmap highlights key enhancements for investors, borrowers, and community members to solidify Centrifuge as a DeFi pioneer!

Stay tuned for the next monthly update!

Do you have any ideas, feedback, or comments? If so leave them below or get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Discord!


My favourite time of the month is to come here and read your updates @Tjure07!

Next month’s update is probably going to be one of the most exciting ones - can’t wait :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the feedback, Rhano!

Do you want to leak some Alpha or should the community wait? :wink:

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I think we should wait a bit :wink:

No need to rush things.

I agree 100%. Let’s give the community time to digest the events and updates from March :slight_smile:

No information has been written about the referendums I propose. Since this was not written, I see this montly newsletter as incomplete.

Addendum to Governance:

Three referendums did not pass

Thanks for the kind addition.