Technical Operations Manager Introduction: Jay

Hi Everyone,

I am the new Technical Operations Manager (TOM) at centrifuge. I started my crypto journey in 2016 swing trading ETH and BTC with friends. We had no idea that we were only at the tip of the spear. I started working with a P2P lending platform in the middle of 2021 running operations and from this opportunity was introduced to the the exciting world of DeFi.

Once I started to get deeper into the blockchain world I became really excited for the opportunities presented that allowed greater access to wealth generation for a wider array of people, especially for those who are under banked or unbanked. Prior to investing in various DeFi projects and way too many ohm forks, I mainly invested in the traditional market. Centrifuge is super exciting for me because it is bridging DeFi investing with traditional investment avenues.

I am very excited to be working for Centrifuge and am here to help! Looking forward to learning and growing.

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    Discord: sirJ#9971

Welcome Jay!!

Excited to have you on board to help all over the ecosystem — whether onboarding new pools to Tinlake or helping the broader community understand and use our platform :)))

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Welcome! :sunglasses:

Can’t wait to work with you and bring Centrifuge to a new stage of growth!

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