Contributor Intro: David Utro

Hi folks,

I’m David Utro, a crypto-loving communications and operations professional with several years of experience in academia, e-commerce, and crypto. I’ve been investing and contributing to DeFi since 2017. Most recently, I led a team at MakerDAO that focused on Organizational Knowledge Management and Stakeholder Coordination. I currently lead Grants and Community at Ajna.Finance, and reserve a few hours a week to spend on other projects I find interesting :grin: (That’s where Centrifuge comes in)

I am a skeptic at heart who is deeply fascinated by many things. I graduated from Bernard Baruch College in 2016 with a BA in Corporate Communications, though my education didn’t stop with that; I am and always will be a student. I’ve continued to self-study and explore topics of interest post-graduation. I have a decent handle on computer science, DAO governance, design, ethics, and finance. I am still learning new things every day. My colleagues tend to say I’m a positive person, a great communicator, conceptually technical, easy-going, and a reference for writing and operational best practices.

I’ve been following Centrifuge for a long time. I first met Lea Schmitt and @lucasvo in December 2019 during a MakerDAO community call where we explored Centrifuge as one of the first RWA-focused projects in the space. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of both Centrifuge and Maker. Now that I’m taking a break from MakerDAO, I’m excited to contribute to Centrifuge where I can.


Thank you @Kate_Bee, @cassidy, @lucasvo, @ImdioR, and @Rhano for welcoming and guiding me into the contributor community.


Hi David!

Thanks for your introduction and your background! Always glad to learn to know new community members and their motivation. I am sure your contribution and input can help us a lot at Centrifuge! :raised_hands:

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