Huge fan of Centrifuge: Ami Kure

Hello everyone.

My name is Ami. I’m a blockchain enthusiast from Japan.

I started my blockchain and crypto journey since May 2017 and got serious from 2019.
I have been captivated by the technology, including RWA in DeFi and have been studying blockchain and crypto through Youtube, Discord, Telegram, etc…
Centrifuge plays quite an important role for my blockchain educational journey.

I am looking forward to learn more with everyone in the Centrifuge community.
Thank you. (✿╹◡╹)ノo.:heart:゚。*


こんにちは Ami!

Thanks for your kind words and being a core member of the ecosystem!

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Thank you for your introduction Ami! Everyone who has been around for a while and been present in our Governance/Community Calls knows that you are a long time supporter of Centrifuge. It makes me happy to see that there is support from all over the world! Glad to have you around :pray:

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Ohh! Finally Ami !

Glad to see you here on the forum and thank you for the support that you provided during all this time!


This is an awesome introduction. Welcome to the community @amikure! From all your studying what do you find to be the greatest benefit of RWAs?


Great to see you here @amikure !!

I can confirm that Ami has been a longtime participant in the protocol + a regular in community and governance calls :zap:

Looking forward to building alongside you!


Thank you Devin. I introduced the greatness of Centrifuge to my mother, and she is also Centrifuge crowdloan participant. :revolving_hearts: