From a Visitor to a diehard fans of Centrifuge

Hello Centrifuge communities,my name is PMJ, you also can call me J.
I’m a huge fans of Centrifuge from Taiwan,remembered I began to know Crypto from April 2020, and the first time I tried to learn DeFi is on May 2021,as I knew Famous DeFi like Uniswap or Sushiswap are both my favorite at that time, and I don’t know when it starts, I begin to think about how can Blockchain works together with the Real world, how can DeFi change the world and solve plentiful challenges and problems in reality ,I’ve joined Centrifuge for one and half year after ICO on CoinList .
In my opinion,Blockchain absolutely need to be a part of the real world no matter how this world change in decade or more ,and when people begin to trust it ,the future of blockchain will be more bright , but a blockchain is always a blockchain,it is different from real world we live now ,DeFi now is just like a virtual bank and the people live in traditional finance don’t realize how good is it and just know DeFi is also a place where hackers love to attack to steal money from.
2021 is the year for DeFi,it brought a lot of people to use it and brought a lot of financial liquidity,but that is not enough for this world , RWA market needs to be unlocked so that we can actually be a part of the global community and bring the real world assets into blockchain to create dual wins !
RWA market is where Centrifuge team work in, in November and December, we have made RWA more forward by the join of BlockTower and MakerDAO.
At this moment we are in the Bear market ,and even the token price is decreasing,but I believe that Centrifuge is doing right things,maybe 2023 is a year for RWA DeFi and a year for Centrifuge ,keep developing and don’t give up easily !


Hi J!

Thanks for your introduction, your background and your heads up for Centrifuge which shows you are a true supporter! :clap:
Very good to have another community member from Asia and it shows how important the APAC region is.

Btw: do you know @DrCAO who is an ambassador of ours?

Of course I do,I know @DrCAO is an ambassador from Asia :wave:
We have a conversation before~


Hello @PMJ ! Glad to meet you here! Great introduction about your background, really need more people like you to join the community! We are thinking about organizing some more events, are you interested to get involved? Do you have wechat? My wechat id is ahjxcrz, please send me a message and let’s chat :slight_smile:

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I sorry, but I can’t use WeChat because of unacceptable security issues,is there other ways that I can join the events?

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Hi PMJ and welcome!
Finally, you joined the Centrifuge forum. I’m really happy to see you here!
Thank you for your introduction.