Ambassador Introduction: Bella

GM Centrifugians!

My name is Bella. Nice to e-meet you all!
I’ve recently gotten onboard as an Ambassador for Centrifuge DAO.

:blue_heart:1. Background

  • Based in Vietnam
  • Past life: Events & Exhibitions +6 years
  • How I jumped into Web3: A friend suggested me a job in web3 marketing +2 years
    18 Aug 21 - 18 Aug 23! What a coincidence!

:blue_heart:2. Experience or activity related to DeFi, DAOs

  • Growth Marketing: Discord, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Events: Online & Offline in Vietnam and Singapore (organized crypto-related events: 25-150 attendees)
  • Partnership: AMAs, Co-host, Speaker slot
  • Active contributor at: @citadao, @arcthecommunity (Before: @apacdao, @theopendao, @only1nft,…)
  • Grow my own Twitter to be RWA centric

:blue_heart:3. Why bullish on Centrifuge and RWAs

  • I believe RWA as combination of TradFi and Crypto is the future as it balance the best of both worlds
  • RWA bring real yield to web3 space, help to liquidate the illiquid assets ~ 16 trillion USD by 2030
  • Cash => ATM => Mobile banking => Crypto wallet => Real World Assets on blockchain (inevitable)
  • CFG has a strong DAO, effective voting system
  • CFG is OG in RWA & wide range of RWA, nearly everything
  • CFG got good partnership circle
  • CFG got real product, web and pool and tokens are active
  • Genius collab with MakerDAO with $DAI & Aave

I’m thrilled to join the Centrifuge community. There’s a vast landscape of knowledge surrounding RWA and Centrifuge. I’m committed to staying engaged, learning swiftly, and actively contributing. My aim is to assist others in understanding the value and potential of RWA and Centrifuge.

Happy to connect! Let’s be friends!

Bella. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


Welcome onboard and great to have another ambassador for the PAIC region! :vietnam:

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thank uuu alot! happy to be here!

welcome Bella! I just followed your twitter, nice introduction and glad to connect!

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yEA~~ Follows u back toooooooo

New to Community, but can attest to @bella_rwa’s contributor to CitaDAO and general awesomeness!!


Great to have you here, @Tradesman. Always good to have collaboration with other ecosystems and protocols!


Hi @Tradesman Happy to see you around :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: You are passionate in RWA alot alot! Sure u’ll luv CFG too!

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