Centrifuge Ambassador Program 2.0

Greetings, Centrifuge Community :raised_hands:!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program, and we’re on the lookout for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join us in making our Community even more robust and vibrant :dash:.

The Centrifuge Ambassador Program is designed for community members who want to actively contribute to the Centrifuge DAO. While we are particularly interested in ambassadors who are passionate about Centrifuge, RWAs, and the Community, we are open to individuals who possess a range of skills and interests.

Ideal ambassadors are passionate about Centrifuge, RWA and the Community and want to engage even more deeply than they already have, but we are not limited to this.

You can join the Centrifuge Ambassador family if you:

  • Are passionate and believe in DeFi and RWA
  • Are excited to impact the growth of the Centrifuge DAO
  • Are a content creator, writer or translator
  • Are….

Do you possess any other skills that you think would be beneficial to Centrifuge DAO and its Community? Then please let us know. We would be happy to hear from you!

Tasks for community ambassadors come in all varieties, we are looking for enthusiastic people who want to contribute to the Community with their respective skills.

What You Get as a Centrifuge Ambassador

Ambassadors receive a number of perks as participants in this program. These include:

  • Direct access and communication with the Team
  • Ambassadors Calls (bi-weekly)
  • Centrifuge Swag
  • Early access to events (online/offline) and other activities
  • Centrifuge DAO knowledge
  • Discord role + badge
  • …and more

How to Become an Ambassador?

You can become an Ambassador in different ways:

  1. Submitting an Application
  2. Show your commitment to the community by taking on some of the following tasks:
  • Help out by answering questions in Discord, Twitter or the Forum
  • Help introduce and onboard users (general community, investors and issuers/asset originators)
  • Share and retweet Centrifuge on social media and talk about Centrifuge in other communities
  • Make explainer, educational or marketing videos
  • Writing blogs/use cases and share them
  • Help the vibe of the Centrifuge Community by showing up with a positive attitude, meming, and generally being kind.

Those identified as “Potential Ambassadors” will then be invited to apply and send a short application form.

Submit an Application

If you are a dedicated community member who wants to contribute to the wider Centrifuge Community and support the Centrifuge DAO mission, we welcome your application.

Join us as a Centrifuge Ambassador and let’s together make our community thrive and grow!

:point_right: You can submit your application here.

If you have any questions, please contact @Imdior, @Rhano or @Ash


Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. There is a big interest in the ambassador program and we have received 139 applications from people all over the world!

Applications for this round have now closed and we will start going through all of them and the selected candidates will be contacted directly with the next steps.

We will announce it again when a new round is open and we welcome your application.

Meanwhile, you can contribute with the following to further the mission of Centrifuge:

Your contribution won’t go unnoticed.

Thank you again for wanting to be part of Centrifuge :pray:


Missed the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Good day kc10101
The application has been already closed.
Please read the first message about How to Become an Ambassador.
You will find the answer there.


so sad. so willing to become an ambassador for Centrifuge.

Being active in the chat, sharing Centrifuge on Social media and showing high activity in the governance process are good bonus points. Stay tuned and follow our official announcements for the next round!

Thanks! Just so sad! will join in next round. good to know I can still get in the governance process.

If you find the time you can join the next Governance call in August. The exact date and agenda will be published in the forum soon!

Thanks! I will join. When will be the exact date and time? Thx!

Please follow the announcement-channel, where the invitation will be posted. The planned date for the Centrifuge governance call #19 is August 16


got it. will attend the governance call on Aug 16. BTW, do we finish the Round 1 Ambassador interview process? Thx!

The GCG is currently in the process of reviewing all applications and will contact the shortlisted candidates for the program. Due to the high amount of submissions this will take some time

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Hi how is the program going? If you need another ambassador to contribute, just let me know. thx!

Hi @cryptobeijing. Did you apply for the first round? If so the selection is already in progress and the shortlisted ambassadors will be announced soon.

If you didn’t apply please see the post from Rhano

Thanks! I did not apply in the first round. but still learning the RWS things. Thx!

Learning and developing plus being active are crucial steps to become a (potential) ambassador in the future!

Join our governance calls, help the community in Discord and comment on governance proposals in the forum are best ways to participate :raised_hands:

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Great program to be in! I would love to be part of it for the next round, and until then I focus on perfecting my craft and knowledges about onchain credit, RWA investing and Centrifuge ecosystem, and will keep deliver educational content to maximize Centrifuge’s visibility worldwide :handshake:


Glad to hear @masterRWA. We will let you know when the next round is open. Thank you for all your support so far - we are happy to have you in our community!

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Waiting the program re-open

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