Ambassador Introduction: Luis

Hello Centrifuge community! In this post I just want to give a brief introduction about myself.

My name is Luis, a Centrifugian, Ambassador and Active Contributor to the Centrifuge community.

I spent 15 years starting small businesses, working in the retail industry and colaborating with brands like Heineken, understanding the challenges and financial needs to grow businesses. Also I worked like technical engineer for some companies. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering and currently I am studying Small and Medium Business Administration. I consider myself a permanent student and I have many things to learn about DeFi and Blockchain.

In my opinion we are living a deep change in the financial industry and I truly believe in the Centrifuge vision, I am convinced Centrifuge is meanted to change the game and the way that borrowers and lenders transact in a fully transparent market bringin the entire structure credit market on-chain, giving to the busineses the opportunity to get direct access to liquid capital markets taking advantage of the power of blockchain technology.

Thank you very much to the community for your support and for being very friendly.

Happy to be part of the community and looking forward to do my bit by contributing and collaborating with the Centrifuge community.

  • Discord: enriqueksm
  • Telegram: @Enriqueksm

Welcome onboard LuisG!

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Thanks for your introduction and for taking care of the spanish/hispanic/latin american community! :mexico: :es: :argentina:

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It’s a pleasure to see you here @LuisG! Thank you for all your tutorials and for assisting the Spanish speaking community :pray:

With your commitment and background, I am sure you will be a great asset to our DAO.

Welcome onboard!

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Welcome Luis! It is great that you will join and build the Spanish community for Centrifuge, excited!

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Just applied Ambassador Program today for Phase2

Web3 space for over 3 years, and having accumulated more than 1 year of experience in Real-World Assets (RWAs) and tokenization, I have been consistently engaged in creating content centered around Real-World Defi and Tokenization. My ultimate goal is to attract numerous users and present them with incredible opportunities to learn about RWAs

At present, I am proudly associated with Aconomy - Real World Assert Backed NFT Dex.
Platform set to be launched soon. I hold the position of Marketing Lead and have been actively engaging with users.

Hello @shubham5607

This is the introduction post of one of our ambassadors.

If you are interested to join Centrifuge as an ambassador, please submit your interest here.


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Thanks, I submitted it today

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Good luck to you and if you know someone who is interested to apply, please share the post! :raised_hands:

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