Ambassador Introduction: Yann - MasterRWA

GM Centrifugians, nice to meet you.

In this post I just want to give a brief introduction about myself, as a new Ambassador for Centrifuge DAO.

1. My Background

  • 29 yo, from France, based in Barcelona
  • 10+ years experience working in IT, Sales (mainly SaaS), and digital marketing.
  • Huge believer in Web3 and DeFi

2. My mission

Making Web3 and DeFi accessible and understandable for anyone. I’m on a mission to strip away the technical jargon and make Web3 stuff crystal clear. Think of me as the translator who turns tech-speak into content that children can understand.

I really feel that more people would fall in love with Web3, but because of its complexity and lack of “easy-to-digest” content, is still having difficulties to reach more people.

3. My skills

Content creation (design, videos, motion graphics), and effectively communicate complex concepts, enhancing community understanding and engagement.

I’m enthusiastic about contributing positively to the Centrifuge community.

4. Why do I want to help?

I defintely consider Centrifuge as one of the major player in RWA. I see a ton of potential in bringing more folks onboard this awesome journey as I feel the project as a huge potential.

Tokenization Matters

I’m a firm believer in the tokenization of Real World Assets. It’s about ensuring security, minimizing fees, and democratizing access to investments, paving the way for a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

Embracing Centrifuge

Centrifuge resonated with my vision, showcasing the power of community in driving real-world asset tokenization. As an ambassador, I’m thrilled to contribute to this innovative project, advocating for a transformed financial landscape.

Vision for a Decentralized Future

I envisage a future where finance is decentralized, and blockchain empowers individuals globally. With Centrifuge, we’re not just observers but active drivers of this revolutionary change.

Join Me on This Journey

I invite you to join me in this exciting exploration of DeFi and Real World Assets.

Let’s connect, share knowledge, and delve into the potential of this dynamic space together.

- Discord handle: imtheprocess
- Twitter: MasterRWA


Welcome to the ambassador group @masterRWA! We are happy to have you here! Keep up the good work you already are doing (especially on Twitter) and help spreading the word about Centrifuge and tokenisation.


Thank you Orhan! I am very happy to join the program and will do my best to bring more eyes to the project!

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Salut Yann et bienvenu as an ambassador to the Centrifuge DAO! :vulcan_salute:

Good to see someone on board to take care of the :fr: community! :raised_hands:


:hammer_and_wrench:Welcome @masterRWA :rocket:

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Welcome @masterRWA, nice to have you in the community and in the ambassador group. :100: