Ambassador Introduction Tradesman

:hammer_and_wrench:Greetings Centrifuge DAO Community,

My name is Jonathon Chambless, and I’m honored to announce my recent appointment as an Ambassador for the Centrifuge Community!

My professional background in Real Estate Development and Asset Management has consistently underscored the importance of adaptability, precision, and forward-thinking. Centrifuge presents a pivotal opportunity in this regard, acting as a nexus between traditional financial structures and the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

Here are my primary objectives with Centrifuge:

  • Engage with Real Estate Developer and Management Professionals across the US to harness the potential of DeFi in tangible asset domains.
  • Facilitate dialogues with Institutional Investors, emphasizing the transformative intersection of traditional finance mechanisms and DeFi.
  • Collaborate with Digital Asset enthusiasts, leveraging the insights and capabilities of blockchain and decentralized systems.

In a rapidly evolving financial ecosystem, being proactive, informed, and strategically aligned is crucial. I am committed to driving Centrifuge’s mission forward, fostering partnerships, and ensuring our community remains at the forefront of financial innovation.

I look forward to our collective growth and the exciting opportunities ahead. #RWAsummer🚀

Best regards,
Jonathon Chambless

Discord: Tradesman


Welcome to our DAO @Tradesman. We love seeing our group of passionate folks with great experience and expertise grow bigger day by day.

Your contributions are most welcome and we are looking forward seeing it all unfold!



Welcome Jonathon!!! I am so glad to have you joined the community and I am impressed by your background and experience, welcome onboard!


Happy to see you around & working alot on RWA!

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