2023-September Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2023-September Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary of news, events and governance updates from the Centrifuge DAO for September!

The Real-World Asset summit was definitely a highlight of September with groundbreaking announcements for the ecosystem. It positioned Centrifuge as the leader in the RWA space with the prospect of more great things to come in the future! More exciting news can be found in this newsletter!

Key Metrics

  • Total Value Locked (9/30/23): $240.7M (MakerDAO: $143.1M; RWA Market: $3.7M)
  • Total Active Loans: $239.8M
  • Total Assets Originated: $446M
  • Originated in September: $5.7M
  • Assets repaid in September: $2.6M
  • Token Holders: 46,781 Wallets


The Ecosystem is focused on educating the world about Centrifuge, creating visibility and opportunity for RWAs, and sharing the narrative of how the world’s credit will be financed through DeFi. :rocket:

September highlights include:


The Community is represented primarily by individuals and organizations that are actively participating in governance, contributing to processes and discourse, and are economically tied to the success of Centrifuge.

  • First to mention the RWASummit on September 19 in New York, hosted by Centrifuge with TradFi C-Levels, DeFi Founders and Venture Capitalists. The focus was on the intersection of tokenization, credit, and crypto with one collective goal: to shape the future of the tokenized real-world asset industry. Some of the key announcements are: cross-chain launches, new ecosystem partners and industry collaboration! :heart:

  • Another big announcement earlier this month: Centrifuge is one of the founding members of the Tokenized Asset Coalition where industry leaders unite to bring billions of dollars on-chain through RWAs :fire:
  • DAO intros: It’s a pleasure to welcome our latest ambassador Jonathan aka. Tradesman! He brings experience as a real estate portfolio manager, property manager and from digital assets into the DAO! As well as new to the Centrifuge DAO, Dan Sparkle! :clap:
  • An Introduction to Arf, a regulated liquidity platform, which offers digital asset-based working capital
  • A governance discussion in the MakerDAO forum was kicked off by Asad: Bringing Transparency, Reporting and Onchain Data to Real World Collateral on a Proof-of-Portfolio product feature to track assets transparently
  • News from the Aave community: the proposal for the Aave Treasury RWA Allocation, to bring Centrifuge as a service provider to the Aave DAO, received overwhelming support! Thanks to the Aave community for the support.

Shout out to Ash for taking care of the new merch. If you want to represent Centrifuge in a brand new T-shirt (in collaboration with Metafactory), you can do that in their online shop.

:Twitter: More news from the community:


Save the date:

Centrifuge Governance Call #21 on October 18 :classical_building:


  • Let’s start with the Governance update September for an overview, provided by the Governance Coordination Group. The most important proposals which passed successfully are the launch of the Anemoy liquid treasury fund and the Update for the Pool onboarding Proposal.
  • To kick off and introduce their new Pool in person, Anemoy Capital (represented by Martin) hosted a Pool Party on September 7 which gave every DAO member an opportunity to ask questions
  • The Centrifuge governance call #20 on September 27 was shorter than usually planned (due to some trolls) and only the summary of the RWA Summit and the status of the Aave treasury proposal from the agenda could be discussed with the community.
  • A more detailed governance overview of all the happenings for Q3 2023 shows how active the DAO is. Thanks to all community members of the DAO for the support!

:exclamation::exclamation:A reminder: Please actively participate in the governance process, leave your comments and remarks in the RFCs and vote on open proposals​:exclamation::exclamation: :ballot_box::writing_hand:

Protocol :cyclone:

The Protocol is represented primarily by organizations that are actively using Centrifuge’s technology to facilitate the underwriting, structuring, and financing of RWAs.

Product & Engineering

  • New pools are necessary for the growth of the ecosystem: The first pool on the Centrifuge chain is the first T-Bills pool as well: Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund 1 is now live in the Centrifuge app (see above)! As well as New Silver 3 will be onboarded soon and Flowcarbon is working on their second pool! Stay tuned! :clap:
  • Announced during the Real-World Assets Summit in Brooklyn, Liquidity Pools on Arbitrum and Coinbase’s Base are live on the testnet and discussions are underway with other L1s and L2s.
  • Stu gave a pool update for Databased Finance DF1 sharing that the majority of the financing has now been returned. :clap:
  • Will posted another quick monthly update for September from UrbanGate Capital
  • Secure Smart Contracts are important and therefore regular audits need to be conducted. A most recent audit report from a contest for liquidity pools can be found here.

Stay tuned for the next monthly update with definitely more news, governance updates and developments from the ecosystem!

What are your thoughts and your comments? Please share your feedback as reply to this post below or you can get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Discord!


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