Centrifuge Governance Call #20 | 2023-09-27

:spiral_calendar: :clock1230: Wednesday 27th September 18.00 CET / 12.00 ET

Attention Centrifuge DAO!

It is time for the monthly governance call where we will discuss and keep you updated with all the exciting stuff that has been going on recently.

So far, September has been an extremely :fire: month for Centrifuge in terms of proposals, events and media coverage, mainly due to the RWA Summit that we hosted in NY and the formation of the Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC) where Centrifuge is one of the founding members!

Some of the topics we will cover in the call are (not necessarily in this order):

  • Governance Update
    A quick overview of passed and ongoing proposals in Centrifuge DAO (@Rhano).

  • Summary of the RWA Summit (@itsbhaji)
    The 19th September, Centrifuge hosted a big event in NY, where 250 investors, builders and thought leaders were invited to discuss the future of tokenisation. The feedback from the participants has been nothing but positive!

  • Aave Treasury proposal status and next steps (@akhan)
    In the last governance call, Asad talked us through the proposal to the Aave DAO to allocate a portion of their treasury into RWAs, using Centrifuge Prime. This proposal passed! So what’s next?

  • Proof of Portfolio discussion on Maker (@akhan)
    From one DAO to another, Asad is everywhere. This time, a discussion has been started on MakerDAO’s governance forum to bring transparency, reporting and on-chain data to Real World Collateral. Let’s hear what this is all about!

  • Token Revenue Model (@cassidy)

  • Introduction of new DAO member Dan

  • CP68 (POP V3) (@sirj)
    The third iteration of the POP is currently being voted. If passed, it will simplify the process and make it more similar to other Centrifuge Governance processes.

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:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: Tune in, stay updated with all things governance and contribute to the future of Centrifuge - together we are shaping the future of finance!

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Well met!


RWA Summit Gov Call Slides (Thanks @itsbhaji )