Centrifuge Governance Call #19 | 2023-08-16

:spiral_calendar: :clock1230: Wednesday 16th August 18.00 CET / 12.00 ET

Greetings Centrifugians!

After a little summer break last month, the governance call is back! It has been a relatively couple of quiet months in terms of governance but that is about to change now!

We have some very interesting topics on the agenda; one proposal made in Centrifuge DAO - and two proposals made by Centrifuge DAO members in other DAOs.

  • Governance Update
    A quick overview of passed proposals, ongoing proposals in Centrifuge DAO and what to expect the coming months, presented by @Rhano.

  • New Silver’s proposal on Maker to raise debt ceiling
    New Silver was the first issuer to finance RWAs through Centrifuge and the first to back DAI with RWAs through Maker back in 2021. They are integrated directly with a Maker vault which means that they can lock up their tokenized assets, mint DAI and use it to finance new loans. In July, New Silver made a proposal on Maker, that passed, to increase their debt ceiling. Hear @prankstr25 talk about the proposal and what it means for both New Silver and Centrifuge going forward.

  • CP58: Treasury Spending Agreement
    With the implementation of CP6 (Block rewards) in Runtime Upgrade 1019 on Centrifuge, the Centrifuge Treasury started accruing CFG at a rate of β‰ˆ 5.5824 CFG/block (or roughly 14.67M CFG/year).
    This proposal aims to create an agreement in our DAO on how to spend these funds going forward. @cassidy will talk us through the proposal that will be up for an OpenSquare snapshot by the time of the governance call.

  • Aave Treasury Proposal
    With the introduction of Centrifuge Prime, a legal and technological framework was created to make it easier for DeFi-native organizations - like other DAOs and protocols - to easily onboard and scale a portfolio of RWAs. The first proposal has been made to Aave DAO to allocate part of their treasury into RWAs.
    @akhan will talk more about this proposal.

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Tune in, stay updated with all things governance and contribute to the future of Centrifuge - together we are shaping the future of finance!

Feel free to add items you think should be on the agenda as a reply to this post.

Well met!

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