Centrifuge Governance Call #18 | 2023-06-21

:spiral_calendar: :clock1230: Wednesday 21st June 18.00 CET / 12.00 ET

Greetings Centrifugians!

This 18th edition of our monthly Governance Call is packed with essential items for the community to govern.

Agenda so far:

Governance Update

Rewards on Centrifuge Chain

  • The first pool on Centrifuge Chain will be ready to launch soon. There are CFG rewards for Tinlake pools and in theory Centrifuge chain also supports rewards for pools, thus the DAO should decide how to split rewards across the both Tinlake & native pools with @ImdioR @Kirill @kevinchan

The Centrifuge Treasury

  • Minting Centrifuge is just around the corner and we will start to see the accumulation of CFG in the on-chain Treasury. Let’s discuss the very important topic of treasury expenditure with @cassidy

Overview of OpenGov

  • The transition to OpenGov, the new Polkadot Governance Framework) is on the cards: let’s find out more about what to expect with @Leemo from ChaosDAO and NovaWallet

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Please add items you think should be on the agenda as a reply to this post!

How to join

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See you there!


Looking forward to it :+1:

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If time allows, would love to get an update on Centrifuge Prime. Marketing efforts and successful adoption / integrations. Also, what’s the best way to share the opportunity with various DAOs we are members of?

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Hey @TheMarcus :wave: ! this is an excellent request :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’m not sure it belongs in the governance call though.

Perhaps we can share an update here with a summary and the best ways to share the opportunity? Thoughts @akhan ?

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I shared the opportunity with one DAO I’m in (albeit it a fairly small one). The general consensus was it sounded interesting, but there was worry about regulatory issues and such. They felt more comfortable sticking with digital assets in their treasury.

Would be nice if there was a one-pager that explained the benefits of having RWAs in a DAOs treasury and information that eases any regulatory / compliance issues so they feel more comfortable with the opportunity. Then, we could share this with the DAOs we’re members to peak their interest.


I agree! A one pager sounds like a good idea :writing_hand:
@itsbhaji is this something we can work on

Thanks @TheMarcus :clap:

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2023 - June -Rewards Overview

Open questions:

  • What is the ideal trade-off between inflation and incentivized rewards?
  • Should all investments earn CFG rewards?
  • The rewards should be minted on top or should be part of the Centrifuge Treasury?
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GM! Thanks for letting me come and talk about Polkadot OpenGov!

Here is a link to my slides: Centrifuge OpenGov - Google Slides

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to talk a bit more about OpenGov, or Governance in general <3


I believe this is the most important issue for the DAO and to the team.

This is going to create a lot of bad press if we don’t resolve it soon. Currently it is not getting adequate attention at all. Months of inaction and low to no communication have passed.

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Thanks for your comment Nicholas but the the agenda for the governance call, which was broadcasted two days ago, is finalized already