Centrifuge Governance Call #17 | 2023-05-24

:spiral_calendar: :clock1230: Wednesday 24th May 18.00 CET / 12.00 ET

Greetings Centrifugian!

This 17th edition of our monthly Governance Call is one you don’t want to miss out on - I don’t even know where to start!

We will talk about a very extensive research on delegation that will help our DAO tremendously in our discussions about how/whether we want to approach it ourselves. We will also talk about the launch of the Centrifuge App which is one of the biggest upgrades to our protocol to date!

On top of that, we have three very interesting proposals from our community.

The Governance Call is facilitated by the Governance & Coordination Group and the agenda is:

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Join us and be part of shaping and improving Centrifuge - your contribution matters.

See you there!

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