GCG Status Q2 2023

Hello Community!

Q2 has been a very exciting time in terms of governance with a lot of interesting proposals and initiatives. During this period the Governance & Coordination Group (@Rhano & @ImdioR) published the Token Delegation Research, made two proposals, facilitated Centrifuge Governance Proposals with two projects in the Polkadot eco-system - HydraDX and Stellaswap (Moonbeam) - and also facilitated two Runtime Upgrades on Centrifuge Chain.

The GCG always strives to improve our governance and make it as clear and transparent as we can so we proposed some changes (CP52) to the governance process that passed a community vote.

We also made a proposal to onboard the next batch of 5 collators on Centrifuge which also passed.

All proposals and their outcome are always announced on the Governance Forum and on GitHub (in addition to social media like Twitter, Telegram and Discord).

Below you can read exactly what we have been up to and what we will be focusing on going forward. If you want to read our previous status reports, you can do that here:

:raising_hand_man: Proposals Made

:handshake: Proposals Facilitated

:phone: Hosting Monthly Governance Call

Governance Calls hosted and moderated by the GCG in Q2 2023:

:white_check_mark: Other Deliverables

Monitoring & Announcing Governance Processes

  • GCG has monitored all Governance processes in order to ensure that they were created correctly and posts were made in the appropriate sections of our Forum and assisted proposers in the process. During this period we noticed that several issues could interrupt the Centrifuge governance process and that could be improved. We already asked Subscan to add and improve the information visualized on the website which will be applied to not only Centrifuge but all projects in the Polkadot Ecosystem.
    GCG reported the bug to Subscan and Subsquare about not stored on-chain pre-image that could cause the failure of the ongoing on-chain referendum.
    All proposals have been announced in our communication channels for full transparency to our community, with short explanations of what they are about, where and how to vote on them and their deadlines. Titles of the proposals are also edited on SubSquare for clarity. We have created a spreadsheet with all on-going and ended proposals which is publicly available.

Moderating Our Communication Channels

  • We are constantly present and keep an eye on all our channels to both assist the community with their issues/questions and make sure that it is a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to be in - and moderate if needed.

Updating Governance Documentation

  • With the recent passing of CP52, the community voted in favor of making changes to our governance process in order to improve it. These changes have already been applied to the Centrifuge Proposal Repository on GitHub and the relevant CPs have been modified. We are currently in the process of applying the same changes to our documentation.

Governance Collaboration With Other Projects

  • During Q2 we worked with several projects such as HydraDX and Stellaswap and also with Nova Wallet.

Assisting With DAO Slack

  • Regular updates about the ongoing Governance Process for Active Contributors and Daily Contributors and also helping with onboarding and inviting new members to Centrifuge DAO Slack.

Collators Onboarding

  • The GCG helped with the onboarding of 5 new Centrifuge (CP51) and Altair collators. We also provided constant monitoring and assisting with Centrifuge and Altair nodes.

:face_with_monocle: Main Focus Areas Q3 2023

Going into Q3, our main focus points will be:

Researching Potential Migration To OpenGov

  • OpenGov has been live on Kusama since November 2022 and is now finally live on Polkadot.
    We already started the discussion with other projects - who either have migrated or are considering migrating to OpenGov - in order to collect data and hear their thought processes and experiences. GCG also attended Polkadot Decoded virtually to hear the talks about OpenGov and governance. A report is being made and will be shared with the community once it is finished. If the DAO decides to move to OpenGov, we want the transition to be a smooth as possible.

Delegation Tool and Dashboard

  • The Token Delegation Research confirmed and emphasized issues with the delegation process. Based on the received results, we initiated the research for Delegation Tools and Delegation Dashboards that will facilitate the delegation process and makes it easier for CFG token holders to delegate their voting power.

We are looking forward to keep working on our focus areas in Q3 to improve our governance!