GCG Status Q4 2022

Since the community voted on our proposal and trusted us with a mandate to facilitate and formalise our Governance process, the Governance & Coordination Group (@ImdioR and @Rhano) has completed quite a few things tasks. So we thought to give you an update on our efforts so far.

In our proposal, we mentioned that the first thing we would do was to propose a new and clearer Governance process. We did that six days after we received our mandate and the new Governance Process was passed and is currently being used.

Furthermore, all proposals made after the passing of the new Governance process have been submitted to the Centrifuge Proposal Repository on GitHub.

We have also made sure that recurring proposals (like RWA Market & Tinlake rewards) were made in a timely manner so that the protocols would not be in a reward deficit.

Proposals made

Founding documents of the DAO

The GCG will propose the founding documents in January, based on the discussions started here and here. We have taken all the feedback from the replies in those two topics and our Governance calls into consideration. Furthermore, we have conducted interviews with various members of the DAO and will use their input as well to come up with a suggestion to what we think the documents could look like.

Hosting monthly Governance Call

Since August 2022, the GCG has hosted and moderated all our Governance Calls.

Other deliverables

:white_check_mark: Monitoring/facilitating Governance processes

We have monitored all Governance processes to ensure that they were created correctly and posts were made in the appropriate sections of our Forum.

All proposals have been announced in our communication channels for full transparency to our community, with explanations of what they are about, where and how to vote on them and their deadlines. We have also created a spreadsheet with all on-going and ended proposals which is publicly available.

:white_check_mark: Collaboration with other parachains

Around three weeks ago, we took the initiative to invite Governance Facilitators and co-founders of other Polkadot parachains to discuss our common obstacles related to the Governance - like low participation. The goal is to collectively come up with solutions to our challenges to both improve and increase participation in Governance. This could include, but is not limited to, initiatives like cross-chain educational content, new UIs and delegation.

:white_check_mark: Moderating our communication channels

We are present and constantly keep an eye on our Forum and Discord to both assist the community with their issues/questions and make sure that it is a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to be in.

:hourglass: Updating our documentation

Recently, we finished uploading our new Governance Process to the Centrifuge Proposal Repository on GitHub and we have started the draft for how we would like the structure of our Governance documentation to be and we will keep working on it throughout January/February.

Lastly, we want to wish everyone in our community a very Happy New Year and we are looking forward to start 2023 where we left 2022.

Stay safe and look after each other!


Great work, and thanks for sharing so transparently to the stakeholders who voted to give you the mandate.

Can I ask - in the spirit of a retrospective - what did you lack or long for as you worked? And what could you have improved?


Thank you Kate!

Below you will find the answers from my own personal perspective.

In general, I feel that we are able to fulfill our tasks with the resources available. However, in periods the workload was/is very high and our focus was/is spread across many places.

In the beginning, we were both involved in fulfilling all our objectives and hence spent time on the same tasks. We have therefore defined each our primary focus areas, that we are responsible for, along with our shared tasks. The distribution of the workload in GCG is publicly available and can be found here.

However, we are both able to cover each other’s tasks in case of absence - but this way, we are able to spend our time more focused and efficiently so this is definitely an improvement.

For now, we are able to cover this with two people, as we both are committed full-time, but in the short/medium term it would be helpful with a 3rd member. We are hoping that the right candidate, with the same level of commitment, engagement and insight into our Governance process, will present themselves.

I wrote these criteria in our RFC for our mandate for any potential candidates.

If you have anything to add @ImdioR, feel free to jump in!

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Good day Kate

On top of what Orhan already said above i would like to add.
The first part of the question.
In the beginning, I personally had lack of some particular knowledge ( this is not mean that now I know everything), so Therefore i was forced to learn something new, expand my field of interest and read and read and read…
For me, this is definitely the process of continuous learning and improvement (I think that I can say that for both of us). So I’m grateful to all who provided help to us =)

What about the second question. I think that Centrifuge and other groups already working on a solution = → DAO → CoC+SM+LoF+P.
Since the process is changing completely i think that my feedback will be irrelevant due to actual changing =)

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Good evening :hugs:
Small update 13.02.2023: