CP26 (EP): Runtime Upgrade 1016

Proposal type: CP-3.1
Author: k/f
Proposal on Proposal Repository (Github): https://github.com/centrifuge/cps/blob/main/cps/CP26.md
Date proposed: 2023-01-19

The Centrifuge Council has just submitted Council Motion 53 for the Runtime Upgrade announced here.

List of content of this Runtime Upgrade

  • [Substrate] Update parity dependencies - #1115
  • [Substrate] Weights v2
  • [Substrate] Democracy Referendum & Agenda Migrations
  • [Substrate] Migration that clears old preimages storage & releases locked bonds for each preimage
    • Anyone that had a preimage stored they would have to resubmit that preimage. The original bonded amount is returned to the user.

Release Notes: Release Centrifuge 1016 & Altair 1024 Release · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub

Full Changelog: Comparing release-v0.10.21...release-v0.10.24 · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub

Governance process for this proposal

  1. Council motion + fast track
    • See the motion on SubSquare here.
  2. If the motion passes, the referendum vote will be open for 36,000 blocks (~5 days)
    • We will update this thread when the public referendum is open

Councillors, please vote on the motion at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Vote in the Portal

Vote on Subsquare

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Council Motion 53 has passed.

Referendum 27 is now open for all CFG token holders to vote on. You can vote on the referendum either on Subsquare or in the portal.

The vote is open for 36,000 blocks (~5 days with an average block time of 12 seconds).

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: CP26 (EP): Runtime Upgrade 1016

:ballot_box: Vote in the Portal: CP26 (EP): Runtime Upgrade 1016


Referendum 27 passed with SimpleMajority and got executed at block 2183247

Enactment call has been triggered in block 2184419 .
The new code should be available in 1h.


The validation function was applied at block 2184717

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