Centrifuge Governance: Now Is The Time To Get Involved

Centrifuge Governance: Now Is The Time To Get Involved

It’s a time of rapid growth for Centrifuge, and it’s up to you to influence the direction of the protocol!

A time for rapid growth in Centrifuge

In the last 6 months, there has been tremendous evolution in Centrifuge governance. From better DAO tooling for CFG holders to vote on referenda to clearer proposal processes, the critical foundations of a healthy governance system are starting to take hold.

In this stage of rapid growth, we can’t wait to see more and more of the Centrifuge community start to get involved.

We’ve built the Centrifuge DAO with steady and progressive governance processes in mind. This way, we can utilise the learnings of other DAOs that came before us — and we can be intentional in how we organize and govern together. We’ve also been fortunate to have experience participating in early DAOs to help guide our approach and governance infrastructure.

Now that we have built the foundations of process with the Centrifuge Proposals Framework, structure and direction with ongoing discussion of Founding Documents , and a strong community (Centrifuge has one of the most active and engaged communities in DeFi) — Centrifuge governance has started taking off with more participation, proposals, and on-chain votes than ever before!

Some of these foundational proposals are still live or about to go live. There’s no time like the present for you to get involved to influence the direction of the protocol.

Undoubtedly, the governance process will continue to evolve from here — and we need your help to make that happen.

What’s happening in Centrifuge governance right now

The Centrifuge Proposal (CP) Process has been approved and is being put to the test with 6 passed CPs to date and 4 more CPs open for comments right now. Go check them out!

There are currently 4 open proposals:

OpenSquare tooling has been implemented for CFG holders to track, view, and vote on proposals off-chain (similar to Snapshot on Ethereum) to improve the Centrifuge protocol. Batched voting on OpenSquare allows token holders to vote on different proposals at the same time instead of needing to wait (1 week or more) in between votes.

There is a lot happening in governance right now. It’s exciting to see, but we know that can also make it feel overwhelming to participate. Don’t let the activity discourage you, and feel free to start small. Below are some tips on how to get involved.

How to get involved