GCG Status Q4 2023

Greetings Centrifuge DAO!

As we reflect on the past three months, it is evident that this period has been very dynamic and productive for our DAO and protocol, marked by the amount of innovative proposals. The GCG is proud to be a part of assisting with these proposals from a governance perspective.

In addition to the proposals, we have also been attending to various additional responsibilities and tasks.

We invite you to explore the detailed insights contained within this report, which encapsulates the essence of GCG’s endeavors over the past quarter.

If you want to read our previous status reports, you can do that here.

:raising_hand_man: Proposals Made

:handshake: Proposals Facilitated

:phone: Hosting Monthly Governance Call

Governance Calls hosted and moderated by the GCG in Q3 2023:

:white_check_mark: Other Deliverables

Testing and Providing Feedback on the Centrifuge App

  • @ImdioR has spent a lot of time testing the Centrifuge App and suggesting feedback to improve the user experience and fixing bugs.

Researching Optimal Parameters for OpenGov

  • We have spent a lot of time researching and calculating the optimal parameters for our migration to OpenGov and suggested them to the DAO for feedback. In the process, we have cooperated with governance experts (both internally and externally) and protocol engineers.
    A presentation of OpenGov and the migration plan was made in our governance calls.

Monitoring & Announcing Governance Processes

  • GCG has monitored all Governance processes in order to ensure that they were created correctly and posts were made in the appropriate sections of our Forum and assisted proposers in the process.
    All proposals have been announced in our communication channels for full transparency to our community, with short explanations of what they are about, where and how to vote on them and their deadlines. Titles of the proposals are also edited on SubSquare for clarity. We have created a spreadsheet with all on-going and ended proposals that is publicly available.

Assisting With our Documentation

  • Whenever changes are made to our governance process, we are responsible for updating our documentation accordingly. This quarter, we have also assisted with the documentation in general by suggesting improvements to the structure and content.

Assisting With DAO Slack

  • Regular updates about ongoing governance events for Active Contributors and also helping with onboarding and inviting new members to Centrifuge DAO Slack.

Moderating Our Communication Channels

  • We are constantly present and keep an eye on all our channels to both assist the community with their issues/questions and make sure that it is a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to be in - and moderate if needed.

:face_with_monocle: Main Focus Areas Q1 2024

Going into Q1, our main focus areas will be:

Migration To OpenGov

  • The discussion for the migration has been ongoing since September and the suggestions for the tracks and their parameters have been posted on the forum. A formal proposal, starting with an RFC, will be made in January (both for Centrifuge and Altair). We expect the migrations to happen some time in Q1 2024, if the proposals pass.

Delegation Tool and Token Utility Dashboard

  • The Token Delegation Research confirmed and emphasized issues with the delegation process. Based on the received results, we initiated the research for Delegation Tools and Delegation Dashboards that will facilitate the delegation process and makes it easier for CFG token holders to delegate their voting power.

As we navigate the complexities of governance in an ever-changing environment, we remain committed to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.

We want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and we are looking forward seeing you again in 2024!

Stay safe!