Council Motion 78: Updating the lease end period

There currently is an issue with claiming CFG crowdloan rewards as users are getting the error:

CrowdloanCLaim.OutOfLeasePeriod: Claiming Rewards is only possible during a lease

When claiming, the current block number is matched against the onchain storage of block numbers for the start and end of the lease.

If the current block is not in the [start, end] interval, the OutOfLeasePeriod error is thrown.This can be fixed by updating the end storage entry LeasePeriod via the Crowdloan Administrator by calling set_lease_period(9_072_000).

A council motion has just been submitted to resolve this.

Please vote on this motion asap Councillors! We need 5 councillors to vote.

Thank you.

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Updating the lease end period

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare Updating the lease end period

@branan @thespaceacatjr @cassidy @lucasvo @vedhavyas @mikiquantum @Yarosl6 @prankstr25


Council Motion 78 has passed and the lease end period has been updated.

Crowdloan participants should be able to claim their rewards again now.

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