Please claim your crowdloan rewards before April 05 2024

:cyclone: CP84 Unclaimed Polkadot Rewards :cyclone:

:white_check_mark: The 60-day claiming period started from February 05 2024 :white_check_mark:

:exclamation: Please claim your crowdloan rewards here before April 05 2024 :exclamation: After this period rewards claiming will be discontinued.

:speech_balloon: More information can be found :arrow_right: CP84: Unclaimed Polkadot Rewards



I just noted the claim was close, I still have tokens to claim.
Please indicate how to prcede, this situation was not detales in the crowdloan when i proved my tokens.


Hello @santiago

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to claim the rewards.

The proposal to end the claiming ( CP84: Unclaimed Polkadot Rewards - CP84: Unclaimed Polkadot Rewards ) was passed by token holders on the 5th of February and 60 days notice was given for those who hadn’t claimed already (in addition to the ~2 years that the claiming was available).

hello, i can not claim mail rewards actually. how to fix it?
Why Centrifugue did not send the the address who deposited DOTs directly?
Please re open the claimeng process

When I sent my DOTs for the Crowdloan, never was detailed that tokens has a defined time to be claimed.

Please lets move forward fixing this.

It is really bad that your company decided not to pay for all the dots you received. How can holders define something about further holders? those are my rewards, how would be possible that you allowed this happen !

I made my invesmet by two years when dot had a better price tha now and i will not receive the corresponding payment ?


Please indicate the country laws you are following, so i can define the legal way to follow up.


The crowdloan rewards were discontinued with the passing of CP84 (passed unanimously) and contributors were given 60 days notice to claim their rewards, in addition to the two years that claiming was available.

After the proposal passed, this deadline was announced extensively across all our channels (Twitter, Discord, Telegram) on a weekly basis to remind people to claim.

Centrifuge is a DAO. It is not a company so does not have a legal base jurisdiction. All changes within the protocol is decided upon by the CFG token holders via governance.

Every project had their own process of distributing the crowdloan rewards - there were many projects that required manual claiming (Moonbeam, Parallel, Interlay, Kintsugi etc.).

you said the protocol is decided by the holders, but most of the tokens are hold by the firt investors and team, so if fact the owners of the project and bigest definitions are you. you can stop proposal like this and you decided not to do it.
hope someday you will be in a base jurusdiction and I will start demand with lawyers
my rewards are still there and are mine whatever you decided to do.

Good day @santiago
Please note that Centrifuge Protocol was launched ~ 3 years ago and right now has more than 56000 token holders that can participate in:

  • Offchain governance
  • Onchain governance
  • Discussion

The proposal was public and followed these steps:

  • RFC: Request for Comments where everyone could participate, provide feedback, and improve the proposal.
  • Governance Call
  • Offchain Voting on Opensquare where everyone could participate and vote on Aye, Nay.

All steps and changes were announced on the Official Telegram Channel, Discord, Governance Call, Twitter, Reddit and Linkedin as well.

Centrifuge protocol is the DAO and can`t stop public proposals, because Centrifuge Protocol is governed by Centrifuge Token holders and every token holder can participate, vote on and decide the direction of the protocol.

The actual holders of CFG can decide the future and direction of the protocol.

Please note that this is the Centrifuge Governance Forum. If you are upset, or unhappy about your investment of 2 years ago or DOT price, please describe your issue on the Polkadot Governance forum.

Is the following issue related to your decision to interrupt reward claims?

Hi @maximgx, no this is not related to crowdloan rewards that were discontinued after passing a token holder vote (with CP84).

And what you are linking to is not an issue - that’s how the onchain goverance works. If you voted in a referendum onchain, and the lock has expired (after voting with conviction), you can unlock them by clicking on the three dots next to your account in the portal and unlock your tokens.

You can also call an extrinsic manually to do so: democracy -> unlock(target).

If you need assistance with this, please navigate to our Discord where you can get support - our forum is not intended for that.

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Hi @maximgx
You need to unlock your tokens in the Council.
Your tokens are locked in Council voting and not in democracy.

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thanks both,

I updated the reddit post so that others with the same problem have the solution


Thank you @maximgx, we appreciate that! Glad it worked out for you.

If anyone has questions about the ending of the crowdloan rewards or need assistance with unlocking tokens (or have any other support queries), please navigate to our Discord and open a support ticket where an admin will help you.

Thank you.