GCG Status Q1 2024

Greetings Centrifuge DAO!

The first quarter of 2024 has already been full of governance activities; especially March was a very busy month! GCG made sure that all proposals were submitted to our proposal repository on GitHub and followed our process.There has been focus on increasing participation and this will remain a big focus area going forward. We will keep announcing all proposals across our channels and reminding people of voting and joining the discussions.

One of the biggest upcoming changes to our governance in the short term will be the migration to OpenGov which will require our full attention in Q2. If passed, we are going to spend some time afterwards updating our documentation and inform our DAO about the new processes. Some small changes are also going to be proposed to our governance process to make it even more simple.

If you want to read our previous status reports, you can do that here.

:raising_hand_man: Proposals made by GCG

:handshake: Proposals Facilitated by GCG

:phone: Hosting Monthly Governance Call

Governance Calls hosted and moderated by the GCG in Q1 2024:

:white_check_mark: Other Deliverables

IQ Wiki Centrifuge page + IQ GPT Chatbot

  • GCG coordinated the efforts for the creation of the Centrifuge IQ Wiki page and the integration of their IQ GPT Chatbot on our Discord server.

Managing Partnership Tickets on Discord

  • We screen all partnership tickets we get on Discord and follow up with a call with those proposals that could be interesting for our DAO to explore.

Testing and Providing Feedback on the Centrifuge App

  • @ImdioR has spent a lot of time testing the Centrifuge App and suggesting feedback to improve the user experience and fixing bugs.

Assisting With our Documentation

  • Whenever changes are made to our governance process, we are responsible for updating our documentation accordingly. This quarter, we have also assisted with the documentation in general by suggesting improvements to the structure and content.

Assisting With DAO Slack

  • Regular updates about ongoing governance events for Active Contributors and also helping with onboarding and inviting new members to Centrifuge DAO Slack.

Moderating Our Communication Channels

  • We are constantly present and keep an eye on all our channels to both assist the community with their issues/questions and make sure that it is a safe and pleasant environment for everyone to be in, and moderate if needed. We have taken some security precautions on Discord to mitigate the risks of scammer attacks (disabling link posting and DMs) which has had a very positive effect so far. Unused bots have also been removed.

:face_with_monocle: Main Focus Areas Q2 2024

Migration To OpenGov

The migration to OpenGov will be voted on by token holders within the next couple of months. It will launch on Altair first to test the tracks and parameters and afterwards on Centrifuge. GCG will assist the devs with the testing of the setup, to ensure things will work as intended, and update relevant documentation where needed.

Intro course for new Ambassadors/Active Contributors

We are working on an intro course for Centrifuge so people who want to start contributing (or people who already are contributing) can get a comprehensive overview of our protocol, products and governance. The goal is to have this finished early Q2 and start the first course for some of our newest ambassadors and Active Contributors.

Participate in blockchain events/conferences

The GCG will be present at some of the events around in Europe to attend relevant talks/discussions. One of the main goals is to network and hopefully find more Active Contributors/experts to join our DAO.

Token Utility Dashboard

We will be looking into a dashboard to display information about our treasury, spending, block rewards, tokens used to vote in governance, transactions on Centrifuge chain and much more. GCG will be assisting in this process with the design and content of the dashboard. It still hasn’t been decided where this dashboard will be.

Delegation Dashboard + Delegation programme

This dashboard will be built in the existing UI on SubSquare and display information about delegates (their background, voting/commenting history etc.) and token holders can delegate their tokens to them. More information about the delegation programme will be shared once it is ready.

We are very excited going into Q2 and be part of shaping our governance and tools going forward.

All the best,

GCG (@ImdioR and @Rhano)

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