CP73:Runtime Upgrade 1023

cp: 73
title: Runtime Upgrade 1023
authors: k/f
contributors: cdamian, thea-leake, branan, lemunozm, mustermeiszer, NunoAlexandre, wischli
uses-component: CP3.1
date-proposed: 2023-10-09
date-ended: 2023-10-13
status: passed

Proposal on GitHub: CP73

Centrifuge v0.10.23 - Release Notes Highlights

  • Fully enable Liquidity Pools
    • Enable inbound message processing by replacing StumpInboundQueue with LiquidityPools (#1573)
    • Enable full foreign collect flow (#1556)
    • Enable partial fulfillments in OrderBook (#1559, #1570)
  • Further Loans improvements
    • Remove portfolio entry when removing a loan + portfolio UT (#1561)
    • Loans: transfer_debt implementation (#1465)


  • Updated currency of pool id 4139607887 from LpEthUsdc to the natively issued stablecoin (#1566, #1573)
  • Register three more LP wrapped USDC variants: Base, Arbitrum, Celo (#1573)
  • Allow bidirectional OrderBook trading between DOT and all four LP wrapped USDC variants Eth, Base, Arbitrum, Base (#1573)
  • Set pallet_evm::AccountCodes for all precompiles (#1580, #1584)


Summary generated with srtool v0.9.25 using the docker image paritytech/srtool:1.66.1:
 Package     : centrifuge-runtime v0.10.23
 GIT commit  : 160318c7189f6e35814f72768c62de6c866d3476
 GIT tag     : 
 GIT branch  : main
 Rustc       : rustc 1.66.1 (90743e729 2023-01-10)
 Time        : 2023-10-06T17:28:03Z

== Compressed
 Version          : centrifuge-1023 (centrifuge-1.tx2.au1)
 Metadata         : V14
 Size             : 1.69 MB (1775385 bytes)
 Compression      : 78.7%
 setCode          : 0xa5b862b749cd2da164dc5c3cbc3d1f2683212e66f5ca72791f1d480ea2abc711
 authorizeUpgrade : 0x1b63b035cf702d9c8c8cf0676437a4974602ebc074bf0bfae05782446375aa5a
 IPFS             : QmQkWnCZ4XdkintcVtMfdHnJVuqyva8h39j75kmR7LugVX
 BLAKE2_256       : 0xcd393115b86484068d173d2b582f843e5f7c15f42d4026470316ce9a64d07701
 Wasm             : runtime/centrifuge/target/srtool/release/wbuild/centrifuge-runtime/centrifuge_runtime.compact.compressed.wasm

Full Changelog : v0.10.31…v0.10.34
Release notes: Release Centrifuge Client v0.10.34 · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub

Governance process for this proposal

  1. Council Motion + fast-track
  2. Referendum vote open for 21,600 blocks (~3 days)
  3. If the referendum passes: the enactment will be immediately after

Council Motion 75 has just been submitted in the Centrifuge council.

Please vote on Council Motion 75 at your earliest convenience councillors!

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: CP73: Runtime Upgrade 1023

@Ash @branan @thespaceacatjr @prankstr25 @cassidy @lucasvo @vedhavyas @mikiquantum

Thank you!


Council Motion 75 has passed and has now become Referendum 42 for all CFG token holders can vote on.

The referendum is open for 21,600 block (~3 days) and, if passed, enacted shortly after.

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: SubSquare | governance platform

Please vote on the referendum.

Referendum 42 for CP73 has successfully passed at block #4,038,839.

Thank you for voting everyone!

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Good day!
The Runtime Upgrade 1023 was successfully enacted this morning.