CP64: Runtime Upgrade 1020

cp: 64
title: Runtime Upgrade 1020
authors: k/f
contributors: cdamian, thea-leake, branan, lemunozm, mustermeiszer, NunoAlexandre, wischli
uses-component: CP3.1
date-proposed: 2023-09-07

Proposal on GitHub: CP64

About this proposal

Upgrade Centrifuge Chain to Runtime Version 1020

List of content of this Runtime Upgrade

Breaking Changes

  • Refactor numerous Rate (27 decimals) configurations to beRatio or Quantity (18 decimals) instead; rule of thumb: Rate only for interest rates (#1520)


  • Update XcmpQueue storage version from 1 to 2 (#1528)

  • Bump DmpQueue storage version from 2 to 3 (#1528)

  • Set PolkadotXcm safe xcm version to 2 (#1528)

  • Update metadata locations of assets registered in OrmlAssetRegistry from XCMv1/XCMv2 to XCMv3 (#1528)

  • Pre-emptively nuke storages and update storage versions for Loans, PoolSystem, InterestAccrual and Investments which are all empty on Centrifuge chain (#1492, #1506, #1513)

The corresponding preimage hash is 0xb4630b6a8da269253100ea1c24317fa566c7eb09e181661acb7db8f7f9beb782.

Relase Notes: Release Centrifuge 1020 & Altair 1031 for Algol · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub

Full Changelog : v0.10.27…v0.10.31

Governance process for this proposal

  1. Council Motion + fast-track
  2. Referendum vote open for 3,600 blocks (~12 hours)
  3. If the referendum passes: the enactment will be immediately after

Please vote on Council Motion 72 at your earliest convenience councillors!

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: Runtime Upgrade 1020

@Ash @branan @thespaceacatjr @prankstr25 @cassidy @lucasvo @vedhavyas @mikiquantum

Thank you!

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Council Motion 72 has passed and has now become Referendum 40 that all CFG token holders can vote on.

The referendum is open for 3,600 blocks (~12 hours) and, if passed, enacted shortly after.

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: CP64: Runtime Upgrade 1020

Please vote on the referendum.

Good day Community.

Referendum 40 has successfully passed.

  • Aye 3,149,507.8 CFG
  • Nay 0 CFG

Thanks everyone for participating.