CP118: Runtime Upgrade 1103

cp: 118
title: Runtime Upgrade 1103
author: k/f
contributors: @WilliamFreude, @luis, @goperez, @mustermeiszer, @cdamian
uses-component: CP3
technical-proposal: yes
requires-onchain: yes
status: passed
date-proposed: 2024-06-28
date-ended: 2024-07-04

About this proposal

Upgrade the Centrifuge chain to runtime version 1103.

Upgrade Priority of nodes if/when this Runtime Upgrade passes:

  • Full Nodes: High
  • Collators: High

List of content of this Runtime Upgrade


  • Enable CheckMetadataHash signed extension which enables generic Polkadot Ledger support (#1865)
  • Upgrade from Polkadot v0.9.43 to Polkadot v1.7.2 (#1756, #1833)
    • Prepares for async backing (disabled for now)
    • Introduces Runtime{Hold, Freeze}Reason
    • Updates to XCMv4


  • Fix: Ratio calculation (#1856)
  • Feat: Allow to call runtime API either with latest prices or if outdated using estimates with linear accrual based on latest settlement price (#1791)


  • Fix: Make maturity date optional (#1843)
  • Fix: Linear accrual (#1812)
  • Fix: Transfer debt event (#1837)
  • Feat: Cashflows (#1867)
  • Feat: Decrease debt (#1857)
  • Liquidity Pools: Inter domain tranche token transfer (#1860)


  • Feat: Allow root to propose and remove fees (#1855)
  • Fix: Event dispatch order (#1809)


  • Feat: Add Borrow with PodOperation priviliges (#1854)

Breaking Changes

  • Deprecation of all RPC endpoints except for ethereum and anchor: Please use the identical runtime API instead (#1844)
  • Loans: Change linear pricing behaviour to be effictive iff enabled for the loan and the corresponding oracle uses an oracle key plus there is no valid oracle using the latest settlement price (#1812)
  • Pools: Restrict epoch closing to Liquidity- and Pool-Admins (#1812)
  • Oracles: Add new enum variant PoolLoanId to OracleKey (#1841)
  • Transfer AllowList: Store XCM Locations explicitly instead of hashed version (#1853)
  • Node CLI: Replace export-genesis-state with export-genesis-head (#1844)


โœจ Your Substrate WASM Runtime is ready! โœจ
Summary generated with srtool:1.75.0-0.14.0:
 Package     : centrifuge-runtime v0.11.3
 GIT commit  : dd9ff87
 GIT tag     : v0.11.3
 GIT branch  : release-v0.11.1
 Rustc       : 1.75.0 (82e1608df 2023-12-21)
 Time        : 2024-06-27T16:24:10Z

== Compressed
๐Ÿ‹๏ธ  Runtime size:             2.109 MB (2,211,622 bytes) โš ๏ธ HEAVY
๐Ÿ—œ  Compressed:               Yes, 79.17%
โœจ Reserved meta:            OK - [6D, 65, 74, 61]
๐ŸŽ Metadata version:         V14
๐Ÿ”ฅ Core version:             centrifuge-1103 (centrifuge-1.tx2.au1)
๐Ÿ—ณ๏ธ  Blake2-256 hash:          0xda20faa8890934dcbe05af50dd8ee6b13dfd92e1b3adb9d988e7f948bc8b4eab
๐Ÿ“ฆ IPFS:                     https://www.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmdZPdQ562sempcibMyVFMKgGUPnbC3s3R1sk9JfEhCaAV

Release Notes: v0.11.3

Docker Image: centrifugeio/centrifuge-chain:v0.11.3

Full Changelog: v0.10.39โ€ฆv0.11.3

Governance process for this proposal

  1. Council Motion + fast-track
  2. Referendum vote open for 21,600 blocks (~3 days)
  3. If the referendum passes, the upgrade will be authorized immediately after and can be enacted

Once the council motion has been submitted, it will be announced in this topic.

Link to this proposal in the proposal repository on GitHub: cps/cps/CP118.md at main ยท centrifuge/cps ยท GitHub

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Council Motion 96 for authorizing Runtime Upgrade 1103 is live.

If passed, this motion will create a referendum for all CFG token holders to vote on with a voting period of 21,600 blocks (3 days). The motion is being fast-tracked.

Note that Council Motion 95 was created with incorrect hash so please vote this down !

:x: Council Motion 95
:white_check_mark: Council Motion 96

Please vote on both motions here at your earliest convenience councillors: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

@prankstr25, @Ash, @Yarosl6, @lucasvo, @cassidy, @mikiquantum, @vedhavyas

Council Motion 96 has passed in the council and has become Referendum 58 for all CFG token holders to vote on.

The referendum is open for 21,600 blocks (~3 days).

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: CP118: Runtime Upgrade 1103

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: CP118: Runtime Upgrade 1103

Referendum 58 has passed and Runtime Upgrade 1103 has been authorized and is ready to be enacted.


Thank you for voting everyone.