CP76: Extend Parachain Lease

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cp: 76
title: Extend Parachain Lease
authors: k/f
contributors: wischli
uses-component: CP3.1
date-proposed: 2023-10-09
date-ended: 2023-11-05
status: passed

Proposal on GitHub: CP76

About this proposal

This proposal will send a registrar.swap call via XCM from Centrifuge to Polkadot.

We are set to renew our Centrifuge parachain as the lease expires in two months, having secured eight new leases via para ID 3353, entirely self-funded without a crowdloan. The lease swap from 3353 requires an XCM from Centrifuge to Polkadot for completion. This action will exchange our current lease for the new ones.

List of content:

  • Send the encapsulated XCM to Polkadot which executes registrar.swap(2031, 3353).

Pre-image: 0x4b4af7b042a143b85b86c775d509e69442be0e74d35ab4db778e15097d306e07

Governance process for this proposal

  1. Council Motion + fast-track
  2. Referendum vote open for 14,400 blocks (~2 days)
  3. If the referendum passes: the enactment will be immediately after
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The motion 76 is live now.
Centrifuge Councillors please vote on:

@Branan @cassidy @mikiquantum @Mike @Ash @lucasvo @Vedhavyas @Kirill

Thank you.

Council Motion 76 has passed and has now become Referendum 43 for all CFG token holders to vote on.

The referendum is open for 14,400 block (~2 days) and, if passed, enacted shortly after.

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: CP76: Extend Parachain Lease

:ballot_box: Vote on SubSquare: CP76: Extend Parachain Lease

Please vote on the referendum.

Referendum 43 passed at block 4195706 (5th November) and the crowdloan lease has been extended.


Thank you for voting!