2023-June Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2023-June Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary of community news, events and governance updates from the Centrifuge Ecosystem for June!

Time flies and the first half of the year has already passed: in June Lucas gave a recap of Q2 2023 with his personal highlights and the most important updates from Centrifuge! This and more exciting news can be found in this newsletter!

Key Metrics

  • Total Value Locked (6/30/23): $211.7M (MakerDAO: $111M; RWA Market: $4.2M)
  • Total Active Loans: $210.8M
  • Total Assets Originated: $399M
  • Originated in June: $17.3M
  • Assets repaid in June: $7.04M
  • Token Holders: 46,038 Wallets


The Ecosystem is focused on educating the world about Centrifuge, creating visibility and opportunity for RWAs, and sharing the narrative of how the world’s credit will be financed through DeFi.

June highlights include:


The Community is represented primarily by individuals and organizations that are actively participating in governance, contributing to processes and discourse, and are economically tied to the success of Centrifuge.

  • Lucas shared his personal Centrifuge in Q2 recap with two major launches, growing dominance of the RWA-market and on-chain credit. Some of the highlights of his recap are the launch of the Centrifuge App and Centrifuge Prime. As well as news coverage and the ongoing decentralization of the protocol through the introduction of the Governance Proposal Framework plus the formation of the Centrifuge Credit Group.:fire:

  • The POP Information Center is a newly organized hub for all relevant information and resources related to the Pool Onboarding Proposal Process (POP). The goal is to provide a clear guideline to make the process more clear and easier to access.

  • Community Intros: Welcome onboard the Centrifuge ecosystem: Matt Wagoner as a member of the Centrifuge Credit Group and Harvey aka yieldkollector as a Crypto researcher and GTM specialist to the community :wave:

  • Shout out to one of our ambassadors Jake for creating the Centrifuge Cheat Sheet. In the post he aggregated many useful links and resources to provide an overview for everyone :pray:t2:

  • An update from the Aave community: after some months of discussion the final proposal for the GHO Mainnet Launch on the ETH mainnet and the first two facilitators (Aave V3 and FlashMinter). If you are interested to support the proposal leave your comments in the post.

And more news (and Tweets) from the community:

@hydra_dx: Centrifuge in the Omnipool - how cool, now we have a whirlpool :cyclone:

@TiogaCapital: If software is eating the world, crypto is eating capital markets. Here’s our Real World DeFi thesis
@_Fortunafi: RWA interest is BOOMING! :boom:

:calendar: Save the date(s):

Centrifuge at ETH CC in Paris on July 16 :studio_microphone:
Centrifuge governance call #19 on July 19 :classical_building:


:exclamation::exclamation:Please actively participate in the governance process, leave your comments and remarks in the RFCs and vote on polls​:exclamation::exclamation: :ballot_box::writing_hand:

  • The highlights of the Centrifuge governance call #18 are: discussion of the CFG-rewards on Centrifuge chain for future Pools, minting CFG into the Centrifuge on-chain treasury, and an overview of the new Polkadot governance framework, OpenGov.
  • The second set of the Collator onboarding finally took place and the current set consists of 13 collators. Congratulations to everyone who joined the next step towards decentralization! :clap:

Protocol :cyclone:

The Protocol is represented primarily by organizations that are actively using Centrifuge’s technology to facilitate the underwriting, structuring, and financing of RWAs.

Product & Engineering

  • Pool updates: We always appreciate regular news and updates from Asset Originators about their pool performance and status. In June news came from Databased Finance and New Silver. :clap:

Stay tuned for the next monthly update with more news, updates and developments from the ecosystem!

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Excellent job as always, @Tjure07 :raised_hands:

These overviews are always so helpful at capturing all that has happened in a single month on Centrifuge–and as always, it’s A LOT! :muscle: