2024-June Centrifuge DAO: Monthly Summary

2024-June Centrifuge DAO: Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary* of news, events and governance updates from the Centrifuge DAO for June!
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Real World Assets - Are the institutions coming? This was the title of one of the events Centrifuge attended this month and is a good teaser of the most important happenings in June because Centrifuge and RWAs - combined with the topic of regulation in Crypto - are omnipresent! This, and much more, can be found in this newsletter!

Key Metrics

  • Total Value Locked (07/01/24): $290.8M (MakerDAO: $166M)
  • Total Assets Originated: $607M (+19M)
  • Assets Tokenized: 1494
  • Token Holders: 53,975 Wallets (+246)


The Ecosystem is focused on educating the world about Centrifuge, creating visibility and opportunity for RWAs, and sharing the narrative of how the world’s credit will be financed through DeFi.

June highlights include:


The Community is represented primarily by individuals and organizations that are actively participating in governance, contributing to processes and discourse, and are economically tied to the success of Centrifuge.

  • Welcome new Active Contributors to the Centrifuge DAO! Michael Lukasevicz, who is working on growing socials/marketing! His mission is to get anyone who is interested more involved in marketing. As well Andrew Liffey, who has been working in and around Polkadot for several years. Feel free to reach out to Michael and Andrew if you have any ideas or just want to connect! :clap:
  • K/Factory has two more roles to fill. If you are interested, submit your application here.
  • Anemoy, which leverages the Centrifuge infrastructure to tokenize and distribute assets acquires Neighbourhood Capital This acquisition supports Anemoy’s mission to build financial markets for the onchain era.

More community news and Social media coverage:

@Polkadot: How can DeFi users, DAO treasuries, and institutional investors benefit from real-world assets on chain? :arrow_down:


News from our ambassadors…

Save the date: :date:
July 9 (Brussels): Real-World Asset Summit :tickets:
July 16 Community call: Twitter space


  • To get an overview and to start with see the monthly governance updates provided by the Governance & Coordination Group.
  • In the Governance Call 28* on June 26 topics such as the mandate for the Treasury Advisory Group (see below), Goals and Objectives of Resource Allocation and the next steps for the RWA lending market were presented and discussed. The call was recorded as always.
    *Reminder: If you haven’t joined a gov call previously, you can register in the forum post.
  • Governance proposal to give a mandate from the Centrifuge DAO to set up and legitimize ‘The Treasury Advisory Group’ (TAG) to facilitate, coordinate, formalize and advise on treasury activity and resource processes. As always, please leave your comments and remarks in the post.

:exclamation:Please actively participate in the governance process, leave your comments and remarks in the RFCs and vote on proposals :exclamation: :ballot_box::writing_hand:


The Protocol is represented primarily by organizations that are actively using Centrifuge’s technology to facilitate the underwriting, structuring, and financing of RWAs.

Product & Engineering

  • Tokenized Vaults: We are thrilled to announce that after over several months of discussions that evolved the standard ERC-4626 by adding support for asynchronous deposit and redemption flows, the ERC-7540 token vault is officially finalized! :partying_face: A very good explanation what this means is explained in the Medium blog.
  • If you are into numbers, check out the new functionality called Reporting in Pools, where different metrics such as the Pool’s balance sheet, fees transactions, Cash flow statement and much more can be extracted.
  • Pool update Alternative Finance: if you are an investor always make sure to stay up to date and follow the latest news and updates given by the Issues in the Forum or other official channels.

Stay tuned for the next monthly update with more news, governance updates and developments from the ecosystem!

Connect with us as a reply to this post or you can get in touch with the team, ambassadors or moderators in Discord!

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