Centrifuge Cheat Sheet

Hello Centrifuge Fam!!

When I first got into the space a little under a year ago the first thing I did was start aggregating resources. Please add comments with additional links you would like to add and I can update it!!

Centrifuge at a glance

Legal Offering

Introduction to pools

Governance Process


22 things from 2022

BlockTower Credit and MakerDAO to Fund $220 Million of Real-World Assets through Centrifuge

Pools on Centrifuge: An FAQ for Issuers

Real World DeFi with Centrifuge: Our Protocol Roadmap

Further Reading

What happens if an asset defaults?

Sizing up a pool

Tinlake v3

Originating assets on Centrifuge Chain

Pricing real-world assets

Centrifuge Liquidity Rewards

Pools, Tranches and Tokens

Centrifuge xx Makerdao

Spring Cluster Introduction and Proposal


DeFi for the Real World, with Cassidy Daly of Centrifuge

Centrifuge, MakerDAO - Tokenized Real World Assets in DeFi with Tinlake

Centrifuge - Tinlake Demo: Paying an artist on time

DeFi Drip Chunk Mounts - S&P Global

An Introduction to Centrifuge

Real Estate Examples:

  1. Tinlake | Centrifuge | Decentralized Asset Financing

  2. Most recent update

  3. Tinlake | Centrifuge | Decentralized Asset Financing

  4. https://storage.googleapis.com/tinlake/docs/summaries/REIF1.pdf

Why I like Centrifuge:

End-to-end compliant and legal process for both syndicators and investors:

Two tiered token risk/rewards (Senior/Junior) tranche structure:

  • DROP token (Senior)
  • Tin token (Junior)
    • We can structure the waterfall structure how we want and assign yields based on the risk/reward profile
  • Provide different risk/reward yields for different types of investors
  • We are going to need underwriting
  • https://docs.centrifuge.io/learn/drop-and-tin/

Vetted proposal process:


This is great stuff @ItsJake thanks for putting this together!


Hey @ItsJake this is great! Thank you for sharing. Heads up however that many of the Tinlake related docs links are broken since we rebranded from Tinlake to the Centrifuge App — I’d check on those and get the links renamed + pointing to our new (but pretty similar) docs on the Centrifuge App!

Sounds good!!

Where can I find those?

Thanks for putting that much effort into this Cheat Sheet! :clap: It’s a great overview for the community!

One remark for this chapter: :point_up_2:maybe you could add the “Monthly summary” to it. It’s useful for beginners and for everyone else, who doesn’t have the time to browse through all the channels and social media to stay up to date.

Some of these links are pretty old (def from 2022 since we overhauled the Getting Started section of docs in late 2022!), but I’m sure you can find equivalent articles in the docs: https://docs.centrifuge.io/

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