Tips for Asset Origination Acceptance

For those that are considering bringing their startups and businesses to Tinlake, but want to make sure that we have all the details necessary for a mature conversation around being added to the platform / protocol, are there any tips or documentation templates that could be provided?


That is a good question I think someone at the team will reach out to you with an answer. I am sure there must be. Good post.


I am very interested in the answer to this question as well, as I have an asset class that I am interested in factoring and would like more information on how best to approach centrifuge with the business model.

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Yeah it would be cool to see what kind of framework the Centrifuge team/community can use to help determine which types of assets to bring onto the protocol and what is required for their acceptance.

What types of businesses/asset classes are you working with @robtg4, @Andysmercy?

I too am interested in learning how automated and decentralized the process is (or not).

I am also interested in hearing about this for our enterprise customers.

I’d also love to have a more clear idea of which kind of business or financial standards are needed to be accepted in Tinlake Pool!

Hi robtg4!

The best way to get familiar with Tinlake and its processes is the detailed developer documentation.

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Hi Andysmercy!

Sorry for the late reply. If you already have an asset class “ready to go” please send an email to where the colleagues will discuss your proposal with you.

Feel free to use our other channels (Telegram, Discord) to gather more information on asset origination

Hi Tjure7

Just confirming that to make a proposal for creating an Asset pool as an originator the only way to engage the team is via the channels mentioned above?

No doubt there is a lot of interest, would you know typically how long Bizdev takes before responding to an initial inquiry?

The Discord channel also gave the same contact details, we have something thats ready to go, hence the question.


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Hi Taklacrypt.

Yes, that’s currently the only way if you are interested to onboard an asset into Tinlake. The team is working on other ways to speed up this process but right now you need to contact the business development by mail with your proposal.
They will get back to you if your idea is feasible and your assets fit for a Tinlake pool

Thanks very much for the response. I will do just that.

There are obviously a lot of quesions unanswered by the docs on the site, but are there any recommended formats, specific information requirements to present in the proposal to get the Bizdev team to look at it?


That’s why the team is working on something to make the onboarding for interested asset originators easier. Just send them all information you can gather especially about the assets you want to finance.

Maybe @annamehr can give you a more precise answer what (and how) to send

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Hi all, the BD Team including Michael @mser are working on a list that includes recommended formats, specific information requirements to present in the proposal to get the Bizdev team to look at it. We will share with the community when it’s ready. Right now you can only get in touch via email. Working on new ideas how to approach BD is also on agenda.

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Got it. Thanks very much, appreciate the response.

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Noted and Thanks. Looking forward to that.

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