Question about Tinlake and NFTs

My company is helping a solar asset provider to place their assets onto Tinlake. Basically, the company leases their solar facilities to factories. They now want to tokenize their leasing agreements and in future they plan to tokenize their competitor’s agreements as well essentially becoming a solar leasing company. Their sales agents have some questions regarding tokenizing these leasing agreements. They want to know what happens if they convert an agreement for their competitor and put it onto Tinlake but their competitor also takes the physical copy of that NFT and sells it elsewhere. They are afraid to use Tinlake because they are under the assumption that someone may be able to get double financing for an asset by selling both the physical agreement and also the NFT. Can someone please advise what security measures does Tinlake have to prevent such a thing or is such a thing even possible?


Hey dern88, please email me at and we can setup a time to discuss!


So what is the conclusion of this matter?
The first response surprisingly occurred after a month’s interval.

They never bothered to answer the question. Refused to speak to me.

Hi Brandon. Did you get in touch with Michael as he told you?

If not please contact the Business development at their overall email

I did but he didn’t want to talk to me as he said you guys were updating some of your policy or something but he still never bothered to resume conversation after that.

That’s amazing, what else could be expected from such efficiency.

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We’re in the process of making some significant changes. The truth is that the demand for RWAs continues to grow and is outgrowing / surpassing what the core team can reasonably process and understand within the timelines expected.

This is leading to the frustration being felt here.

Rather than customize a bespoke one-off solution, we’re working on something the community can be excited about and is scalable for the long-term success of the protocol.


Wow Colin!! Certainly more room to grow in CFG team.

This goes without saying what you guys are building!! Amazing & Kudos to entire entire team !!

Greetings Michael Can we discuss the asset originator procedures to complete my NFT process of my banking invoice .