Is there assets audition?

Hello everybody!
May I ask a question.?
A question about the Tinlake.
Is there anyone responsible for the real world asset audit?
Is there an audit report?

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Hi Meteor911.

All audits for Centrifuge are open source and can be found on Github:

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You may something misunderstand . I mean auidt report about the assets in the Tinlake not about the code :slightly_smiling_face:

An Asset Originator has to make sure he onboards “legit” assets and therefore he is in charge of the assets he holds in his pool. Before a pool can be opened the AO discusses with the business development from Centrifuge if his assets are suitable to be deployed in Tinlake

More info about the legal structure, the SPV in particular or the whole onboarding process in general can be found in the Tinlake user documentation

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