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Hi everyone, I’ve recently posted a twitter thread on how I became interested in DeFi and what my mission will be within the Centrifuge ecosystem:

I started my career working as a fixed income sales analyst at Goldman Sachs, covering MENA institutional clients. As part of my mandate, I worked with the central bank and financial institutions of Lebanon, my country of origin. Unfortunately, in 2019, the Lebanese economy went south very fast. Having a front row seat to my country’s collapse was heartbreaking.

Lebanese people looked for a way to preserve their savings and transact with each other without the need for banks. Of course, they turned to crypto. And similarly, I became very interested in DeFi. I immediately connected with the revolutionary promise of DeFi. The promise of building new financial rails that allow people to transact freely with one another, in a currency of their choice, and have a say in the monetary policy of said currency. In emerging markets in particular, where institutions are fragile, and unelected and often corrupt officials can destroy people’s livelihoods, DeFi has the potential to be a liberating force for good.

I have joined DeFi Capital Markets as Head of Institutional Capital, working within the Centrifuge ecosystem to develop the potential of bringing Real World Assets funding on-chain. What I hope to bring to Centrifuge is this focus on emerging markets. Asset-backed securitisation is a powerful financial instrument that, due to its cost and complexity, is out of reach to many emerging market SMEs, and Centrifuge is working to change that.

Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions, my twitter handle is @rayesalexander.



Last year I became involved with DeFi while helping some friends set up a traditional fund structure to manage and onboard new investors into their staking platform.

As I got more involved and started learning and understanding about the possibilities of using smart contracts and DeFi tools to find solutions to democratize opportunities for people, i got hooked.

The realization that DeFi will allow opportunities to millions of people who otherwise will never have a chance against the current CeFi bureaucracy is fascinating. That being said the speed of innovation was what sold me.

I am attracted to Centrifuge because of the nature of my Business Development background i see a lot of opportunities for my old clients to find new liquidity opportunities in Tinlake and i also see a big chance for traditional fixed income investors (like my father) to be able to easily get good yields directly from asset managers.

This is the start of new opportunities that resonate to my traditional clients problems.

Looking forward to learning and participating more



Welcome to Centrifuge, Rene!

Interesting background. The ecosystem needs people with different backgrounds and experiences :slight_smile:

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