Contributor Intro - The DeFi Network

Hey all!

Blake here from The DeFi Network.

We’re a web3 software studio that contributes to and helps grow DeFi + NFT protocols and blockchain ecosystems.

We’re a team of 5+ (we scale up as needed and have been as big as 10 members) and have been building together since 2021.

We’ve launched more than 100 smart contracts as well as DeFi protocos and projects for partners.

We also develop our own products in-house (dropspace is our flagship product, a no code solution and widget for launching NFT collections on any website on multiple chains).

We’re currently partnered with mutiple blockchains and a whole host of protocols.

We have overlapping interest on the RWA side of things and are bullish on the future of Centrifuge.

We have a range of ideas and would love to contribute to the protocol.

Looking forward to connecting more and helping out the ecosystem where possible. We have some ideas, so once we get connected we can share more about how exactly we can contribute on the techical side of things.

Thanks and great to connect.


Hi @dropspace,

Thanks for your intro :grinning:
Can you share more about your ideas about contributing to the Centrifuge protocol?
What are some of the blockchains and protocols you’ve partnered with?

Hey @Kate_Bee thanks for getting back. Nice to connect!

A few ideas we had on our end:

We can be available to tackle open RFPs or glaring technical gaps.

We’d be especially interested in helping develop new features or carrying forward the roadmap of CentrifugeDAO.

This could include helping build pools, integrations with other DeFi protocols, bringing over oracle infra if needed. We would be happy to pass over more specific ideas as well if you’d like.

We have an ever-growing network in the space. We’re also currently partnered with a number of chains (including Aptos and Aleph Zero), and protocols like Band Protocol. There are connections we could make here as well.

Hey @Kate_Bee was just wondering if there was anyone you’d recommend we get in touch with or any good places to start?

We’re keen to get building, and can even start with small gaps, RFPs, etc. We’re happy to get involved however we can.