DeFi dApp integrations Centrifuge/Altair should explore

Hey guys following on from the last community call - it would be great to collectively get ideas for DeFi integrations that could be beneficial for Centrifuge. There are many DeFi dashboards, wallets, and other dApps that can list CFG/AIR and possibly also integrate RWA Market & Tinlake :hugs:

Potential protocols for integration: Instadapp, DeFiPulse, DeBank, DeFiSaver, ZapperFi, Zerion, DeFiLlama

^By no means an exhaustive list so if you have any other thoughts please comment! :slight_smile:

Also, if you happen to be a user of any of these dApps let them know you support this integration! The more voices we have supporting the potential partnerships the quicker we can make it a reality!


Hi Ash.

This one Robert mentioned in the chat. It’s a wallet/dashboard for the Dotsama ecosystem and you can contribute for several crowdloans with it as well:


They are doing an amazing job over there, I’m using their alpha wallet and it’s been great so far (sending/receiving tokens, participating in crowdloans, etc.).

I’m sure a Centrifuge - Talisman integration would be very beneficial :slight_smile:

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As far as I can see both AIR and CFG are already listed there, and can even contribute for Centrifuge crowdloan :smiley: are there any further integrations you see being possible with Talisman?

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Hmm, good question! Not really involved on the techical side, just a community member that likes both Centrifuge and Talisman :slight_smile:

But, I know that it sure would be amazing if they added a staking option through the wallet, something similar to how the Oasis Wallet has it set up.