2021-06-03 Community Call #13 | Centrifuge = Real World Assets + DeFi

Community Call #13 | Centrifuge = Real World Assets + DeFi

This is the community Call for YOU if you want to know more about why Centrifuge is bringing the Real World to DeFi!

We’ll hear from cofounder Lucas about what Centrifuge is here to do in this world and from our other cofounder Martin about how we do this! :fire:

We’ll hear from our Ambassadors what the three most commonly asked questions are, with in depth answers. And ask any questions you want answered in this thread!

Join us on the Thursday the 3rd June to learn more Centrifuge network!

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Looking forward to seeing you there and if you have questions before the call please ask them here!

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Video of community call:

02:48 - Lucas discusses Centrifuge’s mission
11:50 - Ash provides summary of proposed changes to CFG rewards program
15:00 - Lucas explains rationale of proposed changes to CFG reward governance process
22:55 - Cassidy provides explanation for validator slashing event
25:38 - Martin discusses the three tokens of Centrifuge (CFG vs TIN/DROP), TVL/AO outlook and roadmap
36:00 - Martin answers question regarding insurances of underlying assets on Tinlake
41:00 - Kate introduces the Centrifuge Ambassador program and our current Ambassadors
46:35 - Pats, Lucrum, and Christian provide Ambassador perspective of Centrifuge and the community

  1. In addition to enable onboarding more AO for Centrifuge :slightly_smiling_face:, what other benefit does Centrifuge envisage with Defactor partnership in long term?
  2. It would be great if the team can provide an update on the roadmap? The community is keen to know on this.
  3. We have partnered with USDC back in 2018. Are we still having tie up with them? Website does not reflect so.


  1. When we will be able to transfer our $CFG from option 2 ( locked ) to centrifuge polkadot ui?

  2. When snapshot of $CFG token holders will be taken? (For Altair drop 1:1)

  3. Will $AIR tokens that distributed to $CFG holders with locked $CFG ( early backers/inverstors / option 2 coinlist buyers ) be also locked/vested or they will be fully unlocked?


coinlist winners CFG holders, will they receive AIR tokens?


I’m wondering how the whole ecosystem of centrifuge on bridging the financing of realworld asset by blockchain tech works in relation to the actual business.
For example,

  1. let’s take the property financing. How can you secure the repayment of the loan on a house loan? And how would you be able to seize the collateral if the loan defaulted?
  2. let’s take non fixed asset financing. How can you secure the payment for a moving asset such as heavy machineries?
  3. let’s take trade financing for raw material purchase. How to secure the repayment? And what happen if the loan defaulted?

Finally, how to make sure the SPV set up by centrifuge can seize the asset/collateral in different countries? As the law and jurisdiction is different in every country and the legality of the business in according to financing is set up differently by the regulation of each country.
Hope you can answer these questions in the Community Call #13. Thanks in Advance.

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These are questions that we will cover in the AMA on the 16 June, not in the Community Call. Please join us? The details are here AMA: Kusama Parachains and Altair 16 June! :raised_hands:

Video of community call #13 is up!

On CFG rewards on Tinlake.

Perhaps a moving average for a certain time periode of the CFG token price as provided by a certain data provider (e.g. coinmarketcap). Is a potential solution for volatility in the token.

Also if disclosed and executed properly this will cause no one associated with the project to predict price movements which should be avoided for legal and general fairness/transparency reasons.

Curious for your thoughts.