2022-02-17 Centrifuge Community Call #21 (18:00 CET)


Do you want to get some insight into Centrifuge’s tech?

Join Community Call #21 with Centrifuge engineers @jeroen @ilinzweilin @branan and @mikiquantum to ask absolutely anything related to our technology.

What do you want to know about the Centrifuge stack? Ask your questions on this thread and they will be answered!

Our super friendly developers can help you out.

Join us this Thursday the 17th Feb at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST

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The Centrifuge Tech

Our own custom built blockchain for Real World DeFi is launching soon - the Centrifuge Chain. This allows a more flexible pool set-up and decreases transaction costs and execution time significantly. What’s going to happen? Got questions?

Do you have any questions about the underlying tech for the world’s first permissioned market for Real World Assets (RWAs) on the Aave protocol?

Runtime Upgrades are all the rage on Polkadot and Kusama Parachains — and Altair just had Runtime Upgrade 4. Need more info?

Leave any questions of yours in the replies, and join the call to hear answers from the builders themselves!

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Hello all , is there any page telling all about centrifuge and altair, like centrifuge for beginners, altair 101 etc ?

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Hello SerefSet
Take a look at this page:

What is a debt market metaverse and how might Centrifuge & Altair be related to this concept?

How to become an engineer in general and which skills are needed (field of study, which programming languages, further education and training…)?

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What’s in the pipeline for utilities of the RMRK NFT’s (given to Kusama crowdloan contributors) on Altair, any teasers?


How does the future of staking look like for Centrifuge and Kusama as parachains? How are collators different from validators?

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Will 1 of the functions of CFG (secure the network) diminish after we won parachain slot and soon will be onboarded and rely on polkadot for security instead of centrifuge network?
What will happen to the validators?


This is a great podcast to listen to to get an understanding of some of the technical components of Centrifuge - especially about bringing Tinlake over to Centrifuge Chain natively Relay Chain: Centrifuge, Connecting Real World Assets with DeFi


for Tinlake investors, is there any plan that we will be able to use ausd, cdot, ldot, interBTC and other liquidity from other Parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem?


Good evening
I would like to ask if now or shortly Centrifuge could deploy something in SDK ? This is just a dream or could be possible in near future? Or just now Team would like to concentrate only on developing on polkadot?

During onboarding on Polkadot Centrifuge will be switched off for a while?
Could this action harm Tinlake or Etherium contract will continue to work in parallel?

Recently community talked a lot about the burning fees, the number of transactions, and all other data on-chain. Could you implement and display this data on the website with sorting daily/weekly/monthly?
Will be cool to have some essential summary with graphics and numbers available for the public.

When will non accredited investors be able to invest in pools?
Will they be able to invest in pools in Polkadot/Altair parachains?

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I had a question regarding how the winning of the Polkadot parachain auction affects or changes the roadmap with Altair.

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Hey MiniQ!

The first question is not ‘technical’ so we’ll save it for the next community call?


Hello. Ok. Thank you for considering it in the next community call.


Again, thanks for the record of the video call!
It is hard sometimes to participate in the call, so these recordings are really valuable :slight_smile:


You are welcome Mile !