Centrifuge Forum Digest! 21 September

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:point_right: Altair + Kusama Crowdloan: A big thank you to our wonderful Centrifuge community who have given incredible support to our bid, we’re really close so let’s dig in and sprint for the finish line! Contribute here
:point_right:Aave: Lots of work is underway and an announcement on timing of this world changing integration is forthcoming.
:point_right: Repping it in DeFi: Centrifuge has featured in some top notch podcasts, AMAs and crowdcasts. See below
:point_right: Conferences and events: This week, the Centrifuge team are at Mainnet NYC, talking about the future of DeFi (which is Real World Assets). Next month we’ll be in Lisbon, sponsoring key events.
:point_right: Forum Gems: The Forum is the place for discussion of how we shape the Centrifuge platform; ideas, debate, deep thinking welcome. Below we share gems of the last weeks.

Altair and the crowdloan

Altair is in pretty good shape but now is the time to dig in deep and together we’ll get across the finish line.

A reminder, the second batch of parachain auctions has 5 slots (6-10)

  • Kilt won the 6th slot

  • Calamari won the 7th slot

  • Basilisk is going to take 8th slot

The end of the auctions:

9th slot bidding ends September 29th, 2021, 09:00 GMT

10th slot bidding ends October 6th, 2021, 09:00 GMT

Keep it up!
Get your friends to go in on Altair!!! Spread the word and you will be rewarded:

You can check your contribution for the Altair crowdloan here

Repping it in DeFi :sunglasses:

Some of these excellent AMAs occurred over the last weeks and are a really good way for you to learn about Centrifuge, Altair and Real World Assets. Watch and share to help spread the word!

:loudspeaker: ParityTech ‘Innovation in Polkadot DeFi’ crowdcast

Lucas, CEO of Centrifuge speaks alongside Kiltprotocol, Parallel Finance, MantaNetwork, and Interlay.

“With integrating new collateral types into Kusama: our real-world assets are uncorrelated and so much bigger than what we see in crypto today. This allows us to go after the new users who currently don’t use crypto”

:loudspeaker: A Technical Dai-ve with Centrifuge and Tinlake | AMA 5

This is essential watching for anyone who wants to deep dive on Centrifuge and Tinlake. @jeroen gives a high level overview and demo of Tinlake and pools on the platform, asset value, how NFTs are calculated, and the epoch mechanism. More follows on tokenizing real-world assets (RWA) and how the team plans to make RWA more accessible to traditional business and finance.

:loudspeaker: Parachain Auctions Podcast by Kraken

Cassidy gives an update of how and why the Centrifuge Chain will transition to becoming a parachain on Polkadaot.

Host Bryan Hoffman, Cypto Platform lead at Kraken says: ‘I like the fact that you guys are using the Canary network and then the mainnet network as they’re intended to be. There’s a lot of teams that are going to go live on one or the other, or they are going to be the same on each one.’ Not Altair

Indeed. Rather than a boring old test net that does tests that don’t produce value for the user, having a testnet that enables value creation is hugely innovative and pushes the boundaries of what asset financing can look like.

And never forget Chico Crypto

“Centrifuge is the haven of this crypto cycle. It combines everything I like about crypto, DeFi, NFTs, substrate, Polkadot” Chico.

Pool round-up :cyclone:

Right now Centrifuge gives businesses access to financing for all sorts of assets. The businesses have their own end users: artists, gig economy workers, freight companies, small businesses in India.

The businesses that provide financing to these end users are experts in these asset classes, they spin up the pools on Tinlake.

:large_blue_circle: Check out Consol Freight’s exciting new deal. For the last quarter Consolfreight (CF) has been ramping up its effort to increase the size of its pool CF4. Team members Ernesto and Alejandro have been putting a big effort and focus on sustainable originations projects, instead of one-offs mitigating the cash drag.

:large_blue_circle: Gig Economy pool is live and humming! Issuer End_Bridge helps Gig economy workers to get paid on demand for their services, providing payment advances to freelancers, influencers, and artists.

Community Call :studio_microphone:

Join the next Community Call on Thursday 7 October 18:00 CEST to be the first to hear about significant milestones and updates! Give your feedback here on what you’d like more of in the Community Calls

Forum Gems :gem:

If you have well thought out ideas for Centrifuge, questions for Asset Originators, suggestions for Community Calls, or opinions about what Centrifuge should focus on - state your case in the Forum.

If you want to get on the path to Ambassadorship - get posting in the Forum.

Check out these awesome Forum posts to get inspired about what could be possible with Centrifuge:

Potential Use Case: Fractionalisation of a Sports Contract / Sports Team

Sizing Up the GIG Pool For Investment

Could Altair become the preferred choice for DAOs to finance their growth?

Remember, communities are built by their members. If you have a way that you can positively contribute, get in touch with an Ambassador or write a post on the Forum!



Hi Centrifuge team,

As a Community member and one of the early investors I have some suggestions to put across to the team. I am very proud to be a part of Centrifuge and I want it to do very well.

Marketing/advertising is one the biggest sector to reach out to the masses about the products.Centrifuge has been doing a wonderful job across Twitter but as far as Youtube is concerned. apart from Chico Crypto, there has been nobody else who could give great analysis/insight about this project and he has been doing it consistently but he alone carrying out this task on Youtube is not enough. There are Millions of crypto fans spread out on different crypto youtuber’s channels. The very best are Crypto Banter, Lark Davis, Data Dash, Altcoin Daily etc. Altogether the people who follow them are in millions. Strategy wise it will be a great move to get those guys to introduce Centrifuge on their youtube channels on not just one off occasion but on consistent basis. I believe that this action could tremendously help Centrifuge project grow strength to strength.