What's Been Happening in the Centrifuge Ecosystem! Forum Digest! 23/06

Centrifuge Forum Digest

Hi! Welcome to our short and sweet summary of activity, key events and news from the Centrifuge Ecosystem.

Super important things

Altair: Altair is the the home for financing assets on Kusama Network. There’s more on Altair here: What to Expect in the Altair Crowdloan: The timeline and launch strategy for the Altair Crowdloan and parachain auction.

We had an excellent AMA with Cassidy Daly from Centrifuge and Will Pankiewicz from Parity about Altair and Kusama You can view the recording here

Key takeaways:

  • The AIR snapshot will take place between July 15-17
  • Coinlist will reach out via email about creating accounts on Centrifuge chain
  • As long as you create an address on Centrifuge Chain, even if tokens are locked (and including Option 2) they will be included in the snapshot

Make sure you follow the Altair Twitter account to be the first to hear latest developments. Plus, it’s… wild


Aave + Centrifuge: There’s exciting things in the works with DeFi protocol Aave: ARC: Aave Centrifuge Permissioned “RWA” Market Proposal. Stay tuned for more details.


Tinlake TVL continues its elegant rise, it is currently sitting at $22,152,198

1754 Factory has launched a new pool called Branch Series 3. Read more about the details in their Forum post. The assets of the Branch Series 3 pool are secured non convertible debentures used to fund micro loans in India, providing access to capital for individuals who would previously be shut out from the financial system.

The Issuer (1754 Factory) will issue two tranches of ERC-20 tokens: DROP Tokens and TIN Tokens. The DROP Tokens will make up 90% of the total asset pool. Join our AMA with Branch on Wednesday 23 at 18:30 CEST in the Centrifuge Official Telegram channel to ask any questions.


Ambassador’s Programme This programme is for those who align strongly with the Centrifuge mission and have shown commitment to the community. Read more here about how and why you should get involved. Indications of interest are open till the 2nd July (DM message @kate via the forum).

Community call: The big focus of our next community call is the ‘Centrifuge Issuer and AO onboarding process on the 1st July at 18:00 CEST. This call will also involve another governance discussion on CFG rewards and how we should balance the mix of new community members, off chain voting and important considerations like inflation. Details on next call will follow shortly.

Discord Missions: The Discord Mission’s have closed!! Thanks to all those who participated. Head along over to the Centrifuge Discord to check out some of the results and especially the hilarious memes. There were 70 people who made it through the 5 missions. Congrats! We’ll be announcing the winners and sending the most amazing swag ever seen very soon!

Governance and key discussions

So far there have been 6,136,915 CFG Rewards allocated.

The community has been discussing the CFG rewards. There’s some great discussion about locking to earn more rewards, and about balancing returns with longer term considerations. See this post by @Fishscales to learn more. As for the changes that were implemented after the last round of discussion, the council voted on the following parameters:

  • Mint 1’000’000 CFG into the rewards account
  • Lower the Liquidity Provider rewards from 0.0042 to 0.002 CFG per $ invested per day
  • Lower the Asset Originator rewards from 0.0017 to 0.001 CFG per $ invested per day

It’s important to start thinking now about the next vote and the longer term implications of CFG reward rates. In the interests of protocol it is necessary to stabilise the inflation rate - and an important factor here is to set a sustainable rate that rewards are minted for Tinlake liquidity rewards. This will be a topic of discussion on the Forum and in the next community call.

And that’s a Wrap.



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Nice informative post as to what’s been going on, thankyou. And I agree with @Tjure07 dem socks!!!

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Very nice round up, @Kate! Will definitely return for the next digest…

Excited to hear more about Aave + Centrifuge soon! Could be a great partnership.

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