Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call 2022-01-06 (18:00 CET)

Join us for the first official Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call

When: 6th January 18:00 CET

Topics so far:

  • Technical update: Runtime Upgrade 4 for Altair

  • Launching the Altair network

  • Centrifuge Liquidity Rewards: Issuer vs TIN/DROP rewards

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Moderated by Governance Facilitator @omegafattyasses :seedling: :cyclone: :stars:


Interesting agenda!

It would be great to add something about staking on Altair - unless it is covered under the first point.

  • How is it going to work?
  • Will it be different than the current way with CFG?
  • Approximate numbers (e.g. APY) if possible

Will be great to hear something about the cooperation of Altair with other projects?

One of the popular questions about Centrifuge:

    • Which slice of this pie is the crowdloan reward coming from? Or did the project buy back tokens?
    • Substrat CFG tokens will be bridged to polkadot or will remain always on substrate?
    • Some news for Bifrost users who missed the deadline for swapping
    • Any future integration of Centrifuge with L1 or L2?


"It seems most the current integrations are with Make and Aave. I do understand the chain security aspect, but it is coming at a steep cost in terms of dilution. It seems to me like a big bet on the future of the Polkadot ecosystem capturing a lot of TVL and to score some popular integrations. The L1 space seems so saturated now with Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Fantom ecosystems, plus the Eth L2 Polygon (more of a side-chain), Optimism, Arbitrum, Zksync and Starknet. And who knows, rumor is Cardano about to finally launch some dApps (I’ll believe it when I see it). And these are just the tier 1 competitors, you still have all the Tier 2s which may have promise such as Mina, Celo, Near, Harmone One, etc (crazy how many there are!). I am just saying I hope it worth the costs, polkadot has its work cut out for it to become a dominant player with all the competition.

I do wonder if Centrifuge might have been better off on Cosmos (where access to the IBC free, though you do need to provide your own security) or on a roll-up. I do see the advantages though of being a single dApp chain, though you can do something similar with Starkware as a zkrollup (ala dydx)"



you can add “Altair Collator Program” to your list


How are we trying to utilize the treasury to maximize gains while it currently sits there and not earing yield?
Also, certain DAO protocols buys into other assets and holds into their treasury. For eg stable coins or other assets for instance protocols such as RomeDAO or Abachi & others are buying in gohm (wrapped staked version of ohm tokens) as their treasury considering the potential of OlympusDAO Token as next version of DeFi i.e. DeFi 2.0?
Not an expert but would like to hear thoughts of team or what approach is best suited for Centrifuge from mid to long term perspective? Is this something that requires attention?


The Polkadot Ecosystem is the proper place for DeFi and Centrifuge. Please provide more information on Altair.

Hi Kenneth.

Check out Altair’s website for more information on the parachain.


Recording of the Governance Call is here :v:


Governance Call recording

Main points from the monthly Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call

  • We have received a sufficient number of votes for the Altair - approx 1 million per Councilor on average - which is by far the most in the ecosystem, and definitely enough to move on with Runtime Upgrade 4

  • Before Runtime Upgrade 4 takes places, we will give an additional week for Altair contributors who used Bifrost to claim who weren’t able to initially

  • Runtime Upgrade for should occur sometime within January 17th - 23rd if everything goes as planned. This will include the removal of the Sudo Key and the enabling of balance transfers for AIR holders

  • Collators will replace Validators as Parachains go live for Centrifuge and Altair. One implication of this is that the security will be handled by the Relay Chain (Polkadot) and staking will no longer be a necessity. It also means that rewards for staking with Collators for example will be drastically decreased, compared to the current rewards for staking with Validators

  • The topic of the Treasury was briefly covered. The Altair Treasury is managed by the Council, and there are many options for how it can be managed. One of which could be connecting projects like Moonriver and the ERC-20 bridge to outside liquidity that it provides. Another being getting CFG listed on the Karura DEX, and enabling cross-chain transfers between Karura and Altair. Once XCM (which allows for more cross-chain functionality) is enabled, more of these options will become available

  • CFG liquidity rewards - TIN/DROP. Issuers are also Junior Investors (TIN), and take on more risk, but receive roughly the same CFG rewards as the Senior Investors (DROP). Potential changes to this model are being explored


Nice Summary @omegafattyasses

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