Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call 22-03-03

Please join us for Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call #3

When: 3rd March18:00 CET

Topics so far:

  • LP Rewards Restructuring

  • RWAMarket Rewards Renewal

  • Centrifuge Governance: What is it and how can it be improved?

  • Altair Bifrost claims corrected via Governance

Please add topics you would like to host and discuss as comments below (ie if you add a topic you will be expected to host the discussion on this topic)

JOIN (anyone is welcome, councillors and candidates strongly encouraged)

:point_right: Use the zoom link (Passcode required 720542) to join

Moderated by Governance Facilitator @omegafattyasses :cowboy_hat_face:

Looking forward to your comments and thoughts! This is a discussion by and for the community to increase participation, understand the Governance process, and improve it going forward.


What is the passcode to join the call ?


Hi there
It’s 720542 but you shouldn’t need it if you click on the whole link


i guessed i missed something if im not mistaken there was voting december 2021…

do we need to vote again?

Hi @stanelope,

I am not sure what voting you are referring to but you can always check previous and on-going referenda on Centrifuge.

I suggest you take a look at these links to stay updated.

Previous referenda: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

On-going referenda: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

All referenda are discussed here in the Forum before being proposed on-chain so also keep an eye here on Forum when discussions about proposals take place.