Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call 22-04-07 (18:00 CET)

Please join us for Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call #4

When: 7th April 18:00 CET

Topics so far:

Please add topics you would like to host and discuss as comments below (ie if you add a topic you will be expected to host the discussion on this topic)

JOIN (anyone is welcome, councillors and candidates strongly encouraged)

:point_right: Use the zoom link (Passcode 464775)

:point_right: Add to your calendar

Moderated by Governance Facilitator @omegafattyasses :seedling: :dizzy:

Looking forward to your comments and thoughts


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I was unable to join the call as Iโ€™m attending Bitcoin 2022. Is there a recording of it somewhere that can be viewed?

Hi Matthew. Donโ€™t worry: as always the governance call was recorded and the recording will be available soon

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Awesome! Thx Christian.

published now! thanks for your patience.


Thanks for sharing the link!

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