Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call #8 2022-08-18 (18:00 CET)

Hello community :wave:

The Centrifuge and Altair Governance call is the place to discuss the direction of Centrifuge and Altair and RWAs more generally and we need you to join and have your say :loudspeaker:

We’ll discuss:


  • Credit Group
  • Transaction fees update
  • Governance UI rollout
  • Web3Alerts demo :fire:

If there’s an important topic you want to bring up, please write it in the thread below!

And don’t forget we have POAPs for governance call attendees :trophy: and there are exclusive Centrifuge NFTs waiting for those that go above and beyond with their governance participation… :smiley:

:point_right: Use the zoom link (Passcode 683090 required to join)

:point_right: Add to your calendar

The summer of RWAs continues with Centrifuge :beach_umbrella: :tropical_drink:

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