Centrifuge & Altair Goverance Call Summary

Here is a summary of our most recent call for those who couldn’t attend. But we of course encourage you to watch it, if you haven’t already :slight_smile:. Lot’s of healthy discussion and juicy info. Big thanks to everyone who participated with questions and comments.

Current Governance Agenda Items:

LP Rewards Adjustment

Renewal for rewards of Aave RWA Market

  • Goal is to have a global rate for all users and incentivize further investment in pools

  • Goal for TVL is 50M. We haven’t reached that yet.

  • Rewards rate of CFG per DAI invested will tapeer off as more investors are onboarded and TVL is increased

Bifrost users AIR claims

  • Certain Bifrost users missed deadline and after exhausting all technical options we see the best option as creating a proposal to reward their claims via the Treasury

  • This issue was mainly due to the newness of Parachains and that learning curve

Question regarding audits for developers and DAOs:

We do have audits in place with SR Labs and will have them going forward. They also work with Parity to audit the Polkadot codebase.

General Roundtable Discussion

Preface from Omega: we have a really good core of people involved: Issuers, investors, validators,
general community, ambassadors, etc. But what can we do to expand this base to average investors and get more people participating in Governance?

JB: suggestion to perhaps utilize NFTs as a reward system for participation in voting

Omega counter-argument: we can explore this, but also want to encourage authentic participation, and
not allow it to be farmed or gamified. There are ways to strike a balance here.

Sam: have NFTs that tie into additional incentives for future rewards. Commission artists who could also receive royatlies for their work.

Fabien: use CFG/AIR as an incentive for underwriters. Perhaps have them stake/hold those tokens
to have more “skin in the game”

General consensus: NFTs!

Why is Governance important?

To create a sense of ownership beyond the team creating/producing the protocol.

To what extent can there be ownership within the community over major decisions on the protocol? As we go on there will be some ways we can do this such as:

  • Democratizing the ways that pools are onboarded

  • Utilization of an underwriters token

  • The formation of groups like the Centrifuge Credit DAO which will allow input on these parameters from various sources and kind of “open up” the process.

Centrifuge Credit Group/DAO/Team (name undecided)

The purpose of this group would be to provide necessary information about the assets we have to the community and partners to make the decisions necessary to onboard new pools. Provide a distilled info stream: why specific assets are good, why they would be good integrations with Aave, Maker etc, risks and rewards from the various asset classes.

Main goal is to establish a framework for how we are presenting assets to partners and communities.

We want to pull experts from outside world, Centrifuge community. Not invite only - if you have something to offer please get in touch, structured credit, different asset experience.

Regarding concerns over wether this could “harm” CFG or divert attention or value away from the project:

The variety of potential RWA assets out in the wild is huge. We can’t have in-house experts on every asset class - engaging a wider group is necessary. Building trust and not just having internal people at Centrifuge underwrite and DD assets but having a diverse perspective.

The goal is to enhance the governance process and help us make better decisions in this area.

Thanks everyone, and see you in the next one!


Thanks for the summary, Robert. Too much happened during the call to keep everything in mind. The recording of the call and the summary are excellent ways to keep the community up to date

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Thanks for the notes!! Really helpful and would love to see these for future calls as well, since not everyone has the time to participate in a full call (but the full calls are important!)

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