2022-January Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our summary of activities, events and news from the Centrifuge Ecosystem for the month of January!

There is a lot going on in the Centrifuge ecosystem, so we want to give you a brief monthly overview.

First of all - as Centrifuge achieved plenty of things in the past year - I recommend reading “A look back at the achievements of Centrifuge in 2021”




  • 66.3M Total Value Locked
    • 15.3M via MakerDAO
    • 4.1M via RWA Market
  • 96.9M Total Assets Originated


  • Exciting news from the RWAmarket by Centrifuge & Aave: the first real world asset market on the Aave Protocol went live a month ago! This will allow Aave depositors to earn yield against stable, uncorrelated real world assets and Centrifuge asset originators can borrow money from Aave. - Read the post
  • To show the overwhelming demand of the product the TVL has already surpassed the size of $10 million! Aave Governance Forum Post

That’s only the beginning and more steps will follow to name a few: integration of the market into different dapps, integration of governance for collateral onboarding, onboard new collateral…

With such a huge cooperation the future looks bright!

  • Partnership with Insurace: Insurace provides insurance services to DeFi users and allows them to secure investment assets against various risks. This partnership is an important step into decentralization because insurance is a huge and undervalued branch in DeFi. Insurace Partnerhsip Announcement
  • A great read from the Maker DAO community with a few highlights of the cooperation between Centrifuge and Maker Centrifuge Update on Maker Collateral Partners
  • Governance proposal to launch the $REAL Index by Index Coop! The goal of this future crypto index is to allow crypto assets to be lent to real-world businesses in return for an income stream using specialized DeFi protocols gathered within a single managed INDEX fund.
    The index will function as a structured product that will capture yield generated from Real World Assets (or RWA) from different protocols - Centrifuge is amongst them - and investors can expect a weighted average return of 10-15% from a diversified portfolio of RWAs.
    The proposed index could give users a product that offers a stable and sustainable yield, which isn’t generated from token rewards, and performs through different market cycles.


Technology & Engineering

  • The Centrifuge Community Call #20 was hosted on January 13 with a record-breaking number of listeners. The main topics “RWAmarket” and “Centrifuge crowdloan” attracted a curious audience where Anna & Jeroen from the core team gave a live-demo of the RWAmarket and Cassidy presented an overview on the Centrifuge crowdloan and why it’s an essential piece of the future success of the ecosystem.

The recording 2022 -01-13 Centrifuge Community Call 20 can be found on Centrifuge’s YouTube channel and in Discord.

  • Second batch of parachain auctions #6-11 with Centrifuge! After Efinity (#6) and Composable Finance (#7) won the first two slots in the second batch of auctions, finally Centrifuge could secure a parachain slot on Polkadot!

At the end of the auction about 5.435 million DOT were raised from over 27,100 contributions (!!) which makes Centrifuge one of the projects on Polkadot with the highest number of individual contributions.

A big
to everyone who contributed to the crowdloan and who made Centrifuge one of the most decentralized projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.

More infos on the Polkadot crowdloan auctions can be found on https://dotmarketcap.com/auction/polkadot

The parachain will officially launch on March 11 and more information on the token claiming (12 CFG will be given for 1 DOT leased) and the distribution (20% unlocked and 80% vested) will be published soon. Centrifuge Announcement Post

  • It’s going to happen: Tinlake, fully built on Centrifuge chain!! Tweet by @jeroen. The core implementation began already over a year ago and now the audit for Tinlake on Centrifuge chain has started. Once Tinlake goes live on CentChain this means amongst others: all transactions will become cheaper, new functionalities will be enabled (e.g a more flexible tranche structure), partnerships with other projects from the Polkadot ecosystem….


  • Centrifuge & Altair governance call #1: The first official governance call was hosted by governance facilitator Robert (@omegafattyasses). The main idea of this newly introduced call is to bring council members (for Centrifuge&Altair) and the community together to discuss governance-related topics such as the “status quo” of the Runtime upgrade 4 to reach a fully decentralized Altair network and an update on the Centrifuge liquidity rewards - Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call 2022-01-06 (18:00 CET)
  • Altair governance council election: the voting is ongoing and community members are called to vote on council members, as they are elected in rolling elections, with one council member up for election every two weeks from a list of candidates who nominate themselves. Every AIR-holder is invited to vote (“the more votes, the more powerful is the voting”)
  • Runtime upgrade 4 to allow balance transfers and fully decentralize the Altair network is ongoing. At the time of writing the proposal is still running a few more days but it looks like the community votes in favor of the proposal!
  • Centrifuge Tinlake rewards proposal has passed! Thread
  • Validator introduction: Welcome to Polkadotters (czech/slovak Polkadot validators) and Binary Holdings (Will from Parity Technologies) as a part of the Centrifuge community! If you are interested to know more about both validators take a look into their validator description in the forum or if you have any questions on staking, their validator set up etc. ree to ask any questions: Polkadotters Validator Introduction & Binary Holdings Validator Intorduction


Last, but definitely not least, here are some news and updates from (and for) the community!

  • The Centrifuge ambassador’s community became bigger: Welcome onboard Robert aka @omegafattyasses - who took over the newly created role of governance facilitator - and Peter aka @pg1989 who shows constant publicity on Twitter (see below)
  • Welcome onboard Ivan aka @ImdioR CKZ (who was a former ambassador) as a moderator for Discord and Telegram!
  • We’ve received plenty of awesome submissions for the #YourRealestAssets-competition (Thanks to everyone who submitted an idea) but only two could make it into the finals:

Although both finalists (CryptoFrog and Pats_Hardi) deserved to win, there had to be a winner for the big prize and he was chosen in a truly unique way: the community could vote in a public poll and over 160 voters nominated the winner….!

…and the winner is……CryptoFrog!!!

Congratulations to the first prize of 1K DAI

  • Thanks to Polkadotters for their thorough overview and deepdive into Centrifuge and Altair (a must read for newcomers and a helpful guide for advanced Centrifugians)


  • Twitter: some more guides and quick reads from MKarpushko with his detailed introduction into Centrifuge

and Staking4All who made a guide on staking

Stay tuned for the next monthly update! If you have any ideas, feedback, or comments leave them below or get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Telegram or Discord!


Impressive summary and excellent work, @Tjure07! Thank you for the efforts, this is a great way for the community to stay updated with recent events.


An awful lot of progress in one month. Well done guys :+1: :sunglasses:

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This is awesome news. Great job team!

An update on the first composition of the $REAL index can be found in the forum thread below:


Tinlake’s assets share 40% of the whole index which is pretty big