Democracy Vote for Tinlake Rewards Update has passed

The Democracy Vote for the Tinlake Rewards Update has passed (overwhelmingly)!

As stated in the original post announcing the vote, this accomplished the following:

  1. Mint approximately 2’000’000 CFG into the rewards account (set balance to 2.75M CFG)
  2. Split up the LP rewards into separate rates for DROP & TIN tokens
  3. Set the issuer reward (formerly AO reward) to 0.00002 CFG per $ per day.
  4. Set the DROP token holder reward to 0.00054 CFG per $ per day.
  5. Set the TIN token holder reward to 0.00095 CFG per $ per day.

Full proposal text on IPFS.

Thanks for your participation. The results for this vote can be found here on - which is where the results for all Democracy Referenda can be found under the ‘Governance’ tab.


I voted protest with 0.01 cfg. Normally, the referendum passed without a no vote. Congratulations.

When do the new reward rates take effect ?