Council Motion 27: 2022-09-09 Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation

Hello everyone,

Following on this: RFC: 2022-09-09 Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation and in accordance with Update regarding Snapshot voting.

We just initiated the Council Motion: Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation. This motion, if passed, will open up a referendum that will stay open for voting for 7 days (50,400 blocks @ 12s/block).

Councillors, please cast your vote at your earliest convenience.

The text to the proposal can be found here:

# 2022-09-09 Centrifuge  Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation
By casting your vote on-chain, you indicate your approval of changing the Tinlake Rewards on Centrifuge as follows:
1. Mint approximately 1’800’000 CFG into the rewards account (set balance to 6,393,000 CFG)
2. Keep the same rewards rate for TIN,DROP, AO as before.

These values will be valid until governance proceeds with another vote.

## References
1. [Poll](
2. [

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Council Motion 27 has passed.

Referendum 13 is now open for all CFG token holders to vote on. You can vote on the referendum either on Subsquare or in the portal.

:ballot_box: Vote on Subsquare: Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

The vote is open for 50,400 blocks (~7 days with an average block time of 12 seconds).

Referendum 13 passed with SimpleMajority at block 1398701.

Thank you for voting everyone.