[Validator Introduction] Polkadotters

Hello everyone, we are Polkadotters, one of the most active communities within the entire Polkadot ecosystem. We are glad to be part of the Centrifuge project!

About us

We are running Czech/Slovakia Polkadot community that already has over 5000 members. In addition to that we have decided to be more international and publish all our articles in English from the beginning as well. Now we have over 60 original articles published, very active Twitter account and I am a frequent guest on streams with local YouTubers where I discuss Polkadot and its ecosystem. We are trying to give as much support and care to our community as we can because we really value the trust people put into us!


Polkadotters are members of 1000 Validators programme on both Kusama and Polkadot networks. Besides that, we have mainnet validators running on the Darwinia, Crab, Stafi and Hydra. We also help networks to set up their testnets so nowadays we are running Plasm, Moonbeam, Zeitgeist, Solana, Joystream and some others.
We recently started a validator alliance with other big communities like PromoTeam (Russia) or Stakenode (Poland) and its goal is to help nominators to stake on various Substrate-based networks while helping small, community-oriented validators to decentralize the network itself.

Our contribution

We have released a couple of articles about Centrifuge (for example this one) because I’ve been always a huge fan of it - we need more real-world use cases for crypto that really works. We have also invested in the Tinlake and participated in the recent public sale for investors. We really believe in the project and want to be part of it for the long term!


You can find us either on our social media
Twitter - @Polkadotters1
Medium - Polkadotters

or by private contact

TG @pmensik
Discord pmensik#3434
Riot @pmensik:matrix.org

Thank you for your support!