2022-February Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2022-February Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our summary of activities, events and news from the Centrifuge Ecosystem for the month of February!

There is a lot going on in the Centrifuge ecosystem, so we want to give you a brief monthly overview.


  • 70.8M Total Value Locked
    • 18.5M via MakerDAO
    • 6.6M via RWA Market
  • 105.8M Total Assets Originated

  • 17.36M Total Value Locked


  • Groundbreaking new tech doesn’t fall from the sky. To develop the ecosystem further to tap into its full potential - technically, financially and legally - the right personnel is needed. Welcome @rayesalexander to Centrifuge - who brings experience from traditional finance and DeFi to the ecosystem!


  • The same goes to Eli Cohen, Centrifuge’s new General Counsel! He is a legal expert in both traditional finance and and the cryptocurrency space


If you believe you can play a role in the future of Centrifuge check out the vacancies on https://centrifuge.io/careers

  • New podcasts and a crowdcast I highly recommend listening to:

(1) A true DeFi collaboration is the RWA Market and this crowdcast is featuring the founders of Centrifuge and Aave


(2) Cassidy (token design and research specialist) talks on Relay chain about the role of Altair and how Centrifuge became a parachain on Polkadot


(3) a new episode of Leadermorphosis, where our Ecosystem Lead Kate talks about critiques of DAOs and what DAOs and self-managing organizations can learn from each other


  • Here’s a good read on what Centrifuge seeks to accomplish— and why RWAs are how we grow DeFi above and beyond!


  • An excellent thread on how exactly the RWAMarket provides a stable yield for investors


  • At last Nick Kritikos, one of the Asset Originators in Tinlake, held an AMA on upcoming changes for the GIG pool



Please cast your NOW

  • Centrifuge & Altair governance call #2: The second governance call for the ecosystem took place on February 3 and kicked off a month with important governance votings. One of the main topics was a recap on the decentralization of the Altair network (see below) and an update on collators


  • The Runtime upgrade 4 to allow balance transfers went live and the Altair network is fully decentralized! Thanks to every AIR token holder who voted on this important governance referendum!



  • Validator discussion: Welcome Mile as a validator to the Centrifuge chain!

As Centrifuge is slowly transitioning to become a parachain on Polkadot (stay tuned for an update in the next monthly summary), the first collator applications arrived: Polkadotters, Delamain, Mile and Good KarMa are current validators on Centrifuge and are looking forward to become collators!

All details on the applicants can be found in the forum (link below)


Technology & Engineering

  • The Centrifuge Community Call #21, hosted on February 17, was held in an AMA-style where engineers from Centrifuge answered questions from the audience


  • Branan, one of Centrifuge’s developers, gave an update on Twitter on what the team has been working on after the launch of the Altair network
  • For the more technophile readers here is a tweet from Substrate to learn more about it and it is given straight from different teams building with it


  • ETH Denver on February 16: “If you can make it there, you can make it everywhere”…



  • Here is an excellent summary of Messari Hub on Centrifuge and RWAs


  • And finally these are news many of you have been waiting for: Ledger finally supports Centrifuge! Now you can safely store, send and receive your precious CFG on the Ledger hardware wallet for more security


Last, but definitely not least, here are some news and updates from (and for) the community!

  • A very thorough in depth-analysis of the implications of crypto, DeFi and RWAs in particular for the real estate industry from one of our ambassadors Justin Shee, who by the way intends to launch his own pool on Tinlake in the future! Stay tuned…
  • Twitter news:

This is a nice tool and shows what a community-driven project can achieve and build together

Many thanks to Pats, who constantly hangs around in Telegram and Discord and who always supports CFG with his Twitter threads

Stay tuned for the next monthly update!

Do you have any ideas, feedback, or comments? If so leave them below or get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Discord!


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Kudos to the team - the summary is only the verbalism of the team’s work :wink:

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